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Simple Steps to Get Cheap Two Wheeler Insurance in India

Two wheeler insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Riding your motor cycle without a valid insurance will cause legal troubles and you may end up paying heavy penalties. Hence, to ensure a worry free ride it’s mandatory to buy a third party liability only policy. Although third party liability is a mandatory policy which protects third party property and person, it’s highly advisable to buy a comprehensive motor insurance plan for all round coverage. A third party plan is considerably cheap, but it isn’t a sufficient cover for your bike. For instances such as natural calamities, war break out or accidental damage of your own vehicle, a comprehensive two wheeler policy covers losses totally with voluntary deductibles. This policy covers third party liability, own damage cover and personal accident. Although buying a comprehensive cover might pinch your pocket, but it’s worth the investment.

Now, that we agree to the fact that third party liability could be cheap but not a sufficient cover, the eagerness to opt for a comprehensive policy is rising high. Only if we could make comprehensive cover a bit cheap and affordable, it could fit our budget easily. Though looking at the premium is not the right way to buy a policy, but what if we can get cheap two wheeler insurance in India with simple tips and tricks. Let’s see how to get motorcycle insurance cheaper?

How to make bike insurance cheaper?

By following simple tips and measures you can reduce your two wheeler insurance premiums.

1. Snoozing off Renewals - A BIG NO

Never forget to renew your bike insurance, failing to do so may incur extra charges and you will end up paying more or get an insufficient cover. Also, your vehicle may undergo inspection adding to tediousness and delay in getting the cover.

2. Go for the Long Run

Opting for long term two wheeler insurance is always a beneficial deal. It helps in saving premium in the long run and you get away from the renewal hassles for 2 or 3 years. Not just that, you can also save on the third party premium hike.

3. Leave the small dents and scratches

Claiming for every small dent or scratch may take away the no claim bonus benefit, which gives you a 20% minimum discount on next year renewal premium.

4. Go Digital

Buying two wheeler insurance online will get you cheap two wheeler insurance in India, you can compare plans and make the best buying decision.

5. Add those extra YEARS

Opting for a multiyear policy keeps away the renewal hassles and safeguards you from the hike of annual third party premiums, hence buying a long term policy helps in saving a big chunk of premium.

6. MIND those curves

While riding always follow the safety instructions and never try speeding up to overtake. Accidents are not just fatal for your vehicle but may also prove fatal to your life. Zero accidents will lead to zero claims and zero claims will help you get a good No claim bonus discount. (NCB or no claim bonus is a reward given in form of premium deduction for a certain percentage for your good riding experience).

Follow the above mentioned tips and tricks to get a cheap motorbike insurance and enjoy a joyous ride.

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