Claim process

Rainfall Index Insurance Claims

Claim Procedure :

The procedure for the settlement of claim shall be as under:

  • The insurer shall collect data from IMD station on weekly basis and calculate the rainfall index at the end of the cover period. Insurer shall announce claim incidence to the insured.
  • Claims would be settled during a pre-defined period –3 months from last day of the coverage period, i.e. till October 15.
  • Claim incidence to be announced in the relevant regions, Notification shall be sent at the Insured/dealer centers.
  • Within three months, the Mahyco’s customer needs to produce the coupon at an authorized claim settlement centre on select dates when HDFC-ERGO claim representatives are available. The dates when HDFC-ERGO’s reps shall be available would be notified in advance.

All claims are subject to approval by Surveyor appointed by HDFC ERGO GIC LTD
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