Claim process

    For seamless processing of claims make sure to submit below details

  • Provide NEFT details in the claim form along with cancelled cheque

  • Provide KYC ( Know your customer ) form along with photocopy of any one of following KYC documents for all claims amounting to Rs 1 lakh and above. For KYC Form Click Here

  • KYC Documents: Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving Licence Voter ID, etc

Kidnap Ransom and Extortion Insurance

Claim related information:

In the event of a kidnap incident the insurance company must be informed by the fastest possible means.

With the receipt of the intimations from the insured, certain relevant documents are asked by the insured for evaluating the coverage.

The following details must be provided:

  • Identity of hostage
  • Date and time kidnap/extortion
  • Details of all communications made with the kidnappers
  • Demands made if any
  • Method used by kidnappers to transmit their demands.
  • Casualties if any
  • Company action to date
  • Press Involvement
  • Identity of the Kidnappers if known
  • Contact details of the company representative.
  • Details of all significant events.
  • All enquiries by the press must be handled by one representative.
  • Copies must be maintained of all documents being handed over to other agencies.

Points to be noted:

The assured shall not admit or settle any liability for any claim, nor incur any costs or expenses without the prior written agreement of underwriters; underwriters shall have the right to defend any such suit against the assured and may make whatever investigation and settlement of any claim or suit they deem expedient and the law allows, and the assured shall co-operate fully with underwriters in all things in connection therewith.

The company should give all assistance reasonably requested to enable the Insurance Company to assist them in planning their next course of action.

The company should try to avoid offering any specific figure of settlement.

All claims are subject to approval by Surveyor appointed by HDFC ERGO GIC LTD
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