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Renew Health Insurance Online

Renewing health insurance plans online saves time and effort. The process is simple, convenient and hassle-free. Wherever you are, renewing health insurance plans by HDFC ERGO is no more a challenge. You just need to mention your existing policy number or registered contact details to retrieve the information pertaining to your health plan. We show you the premium and you simply renew it by paying the premium through multiple payment modes.

Frequently asked questions

You can renew your HDFC ERGO health insurance policy by mentioning your existing HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Number Above. Once we retrive all the necessary plan details and premium you need to make the payment online to get your policy in your inbox. You can also renew your health policy instantly by calling on 022 - 6234 6234 / 0120 - 6234 6234. Other ways of renewing the HDFC ERGO health insurance policy is by contacting your agent or visiting your nearest HDFC ERGO branch.
Health insurance renewal premium is calculated on the basis of your age, inclusion or removal of members, enhancement of Sum Insured and coverage. In addition to this, if you have not made any claims during the previous policy period, then you are eligible to get the cumulative bonus as a reward. This means you get a higher sum insured with no hike in premium charged for the same.
You can renew your expired health insurance policy by HDFC ERGO within a grace period of 30 days from the date of expiry. The policy can be renewed online instantly by click on renew existing HDFC ERGO policy button above. You can proceed by entering your policy number and details. Make the payment online and you will receive the renewed policy to your registered email ID.
Renewal of health insurance policy with HDFC ERGO offers you with the below benefits:
  • No Room Rent Restriction

  • Cashless Claims Approved within 20 minutes`

  • Monthly, Quaterly and Anuual Installment options available for premium payments

  • Cashless Home Healthcare facility offered**

  • 10,000+ Cashless Network Hospital

  • Reminders for timely policy renewal

  • Get tax benefits under section 80(D)

  • Coverage for mental health care also available

  • Listed Day care procedures covered

  • Free annual renewal health-check ups

  • Flexibility to Add/delete members to the policy

  • Increase the Sum Insured to meet medical inflation

Health insurance renewal premium is calculated on the basis of your age, inclusion or removal of members, enhancement of Sum Insured and coverage. In addition to this, if you have not made any claims during the previous policy period, then you are eligible to get the NCB reward as well.

Know the Top 7 Factors that decide your premium

1. Age: Undeniably, age is the most prominent factor that fixes up your premium. It’s highly recommended to buy a health insurance policy while you are young, because premium rises with age. At a younger age you are less likely to have pre existing diseases due to which your premium is low as compared to higher age groups. It’s highly recommended to buy health insurance at an early age.

2. Pre existing illnesses: Any health condition or ailment that you are already suffering before getting a health insurance policy is termed as pre existing illness. If you are a diabetic or suffering from hypertension there is a chance that your premium will raise. Buying health insurance plan early when you are hale and hearty will help you skip high premiums due to pre existing ailments.

3. Family History: This could be a factor that affects your premium calculation, if your family has a diabetes history there are higher chances you too may acquire it at some point of time in life. Due to which insurance premium may be charges high to such individuals.

4. Location of stay: If you reside in a metro city then there are chances that your premium may go on a higher side as the cost of treatment is high in developed cities as compared to tier 2 or 3 cities. Hence premium for someone who stays in Delhi will be high as compared to someone who stays in Nagpur.

5. Members covered: Your health insurance premium will be low if you choose to cover yourself as compared to a family floater policy wherein you cover your spouse and kids. Even under family health insurance you can choose to have individual sum insured for every family member or get them all over one sum insured in a floater plan. Sharing the sum insured under one floater plan will incur low premium than getting individual sum insured for all.

6. BMI or Body Mass Index: If your weight isn’t proportionately balanced with your height leading to obesity then there are chances that you may have to pay higher health insurance premiums. People with higher BMI are prone to joint paints, hypertension, high blood pressure and various other ailments due to which they fall under high risk category. Insurance premium is generally high for high health risk individuals.

7. Smoking Habits: If you are a chain smoker then there are chances that your insurance premium may burn your pocket as insurance company may consider you as a high risk individual. Your smoking habit may affect your lungs in the long run leading to respiratory ailments. Other habits like chewing tobacco or high consumption of liquor may also affect your body and may also cause cancer; hence your premium may shoot up.

6 Reasons to Renew Health Insurance

  • 1. Continuity Benefits When you keep renewing your insurance you accumulate a lot of continuity benefits like completing waiting periods of pre existing illnesses, so that in future if you need to cover diseaes like Diabetes or Hypertension your policy will cover and not imply a waiting period.

  • 2. Inadequate insurance: Do you think you are securely covered under one insurance policy against all threats? Be informed that your employee health cover may prove insufficient. These days medical science has advanced hence it’s important to get higher sum insured health plans. While renewing try increasing your sum insured so that you never go low on cover.

  • 3. Cumulative Bonys You get a reward for renewing your health insurance plan for not making any claims. We increase your sum insured by 10% every year maximum upto 100%, which means even if you don't make claims your health plan gets stronger year by year.

  • 4. Big Savings: Avail discounts on paying for 2/3 years policy tenure, also buying insurance policy for more than 2 family members on individual sum insured basis can fetch you more discounts. Be a smart insured and keep looking for long term discounts and save your premiums.

  • 5.Free Health Check-up: We give you free annual renewal health-check up every year when your policy is due for renewal. So, we go a ste

  • 6. Tax Savings: Insurance is a tax saving instrument. Enjoy upto *Rs.75, 000 Tax savings annually under section 80D with health insurance plans. Isn’t it amazing? You can save tax and secure your health too.

Is your existing sum insured or health cover is enough for you?

Scenario 1: Low Sum Insured

It’s important to understand that you need a higher sum insured if you reside in a metro city where medical treatment expenses are high. If a single hospitalization in a year is enough to exhaust your sum insured then you should consider a higher sum insured. Just buy a health insurance won’t help in the longer run getting a sum insured that’s enough to cover your medical expenses is equally important. Also, if you are covering more family members then consider taking a health insurance policy with sum insured above 10 lacs.

Scenario 2: Staying unaware

Most of us don’t realize the importance of health insurance until something fatal hits us or people around us. Lack of awareness may hamper your savings, if an unexpected medical expense comes up.

Scenario 3: My employer is taking care of my health insurance I don’t need one

Most of us consider employee health insurance as a secured cover for taking care of medical expenses. But, let us tell you that employer health insurance isn’t the right solution. Once you leave the company or switch jobs you lose your health insurance benefits. Also, you don’t have the flexibility to change covers and increase or decrease sum insured. Relying on employee health insurance for a long time may lead to washing off waiting periods.

Scenario 4: Looking at premium budget over the coverage

Don’t just look at the premium and go back thinking if you should buy this health insurance plan. Looking at the list of coverage and benefits of buying a health insurance plan is important and should not be overlooked. If you think of buying a health insurance plan with low premium then there are high chances that you may lose out on coverage. In future, you may feel that certain coverage is important but your policy doesn’t cover it. For example: HDFC ERGO Health Insurance offers cashless in-home health care, no room rent restrictions on hospitalization and approves cashless claims within 20 minutes seamlessly.

Scenario 5: It’s not just a Tax saving tool

Many of us buy health insurance just to save tax under section 80 D. A health insurance plan helps you save tax upto Rupees 75,000*. However, there’s lot more to beyond saving taxes. Get yourself a health insurance plan that helps you during critical times and helps in saving finances in the long run. You must also get a health insurance plan for your parents, spouse and kids to ensure complete financial security.

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