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Top Reasons for Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Rejection

Published on June 19, 2020, EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

In India, two-wheelers are more vulnerable to accidents than any other vehicle. It is extremely important to ensure the safety of your two-wheeler against various damages caused by accidents, natural calamities or man-made calamities like theft, riots, etc. You can ensure the protection of your two-wheeler by purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle.

Third-party liability insurance is mandatory in India according to the guidelines of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This insurance policy would help in providing cover against the expenses incurred in repair of third party vehicle or medical expenses incurred in the treatment of third party person during an accident involving your two-wheeler. However, you might not feel that your two-wheeler is completely protected by third-party liability insurance. In such a scenario, you can ensure the all-round protection of your vehicle by purchasing a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Reasons for two-wheeler insurance claim rejection

When you have a two-wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle, you will avail of the benefits of the policy by making claims. Generally, a claim in a two-wheeler insurance policy is made in the case of two scenarios.

  • If there has been some repair made to your two-wheeler, you have already paid for those repairs and want a refund on the payment done.

  • If there is a need for some repairs in your two-wheeler and you want your insurance provider to take the responsibility of those repairs.

However, there can be some unexpected circumstances and your claim made to the insurance provider might get rejected. The major reasons which are responsible for a two-wheeler insurance claim being rejected are listed below.

  • Driving in an intoxicated state

    Driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance such as alcohol or drugs is completely prohibited. If you or your vehicle's driver had been driving under the influenceof alcohol or other banned substances and your two-wheeler meets with an accident, then your claim would be rejected by the insurance provider.

  • Driver’s license is expired

    If your two-wheeler hasmet with an accident and the driver of your vehicle does not have a valid driving license, your claim will not be approved by the insurance company.

  • Insurance transfer is incomplete

    If you have purchased a two-wheeler from another person, the insurance must be transferred to you within 15 days of the transfer of ownership. If this procedure has not been completed and your vehicle meets with an accident, your claim would be rejected by the insurance provider.

  • Late intimation

    If you have not informed your insurance provider about any damage caused due to an accident, natural calamities or man-made calamities, then there is a high probability of your claim being rejected.

  • No-claim Bonus is incorrect

    In case of any misinformation shared by you about the previous claim with the intent of availing the benefits of NCB, the claims made for a two-wheeler insurance policy would be rejected.

  • Triple riding

    Triple riding and overloading of the vehicle is strictly prohibited. In case of an accident of your two-wheeler, while it was overloaded or carried three members, the insurance provider would reject your claim.

  • Negligent activities

    In case you have not been careful and have left the keys in the vehicle or have not locked your vehicle properly, it can increase the probability of theft. In such a case, a claim made by you for insurance provision would be rejected.

  • Misinterpretation of the incident

    If you have not shared the correct information about the incident and have misinterpreted facts to obtain a higher claim, your claim is guaranteed to be rejected.

  • Non-registration

    Your vehicle must be properly registered with the RTO, failing which your two-wheeler insurance claim would also be rejected.


Hence, you should not always blame the insurance provider for claim rejection. You need to be careful and read the policy document properly. By this, you would be able to adhere to the regulations properly and your claims would be approved in a hassle-free manner.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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