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Keep your bike’s paint in pristine condition with these tips

Published on October 20, 2020. EST READ TIME: 3 MIN

Buying a classy and trendy bike is a proud moment. It attracts attention and sometimes envious looks from other bikers around. When the bike is new, we take good care of it to keep the exterior clean and shining. However, as days pass by, maintenance takes a backseat and the two-wheeler starts losing its appeal. The paint becomes dull and also gets some ugly scratches. If you think again, regular cleaning and care are all that is needed to keep the newness and shine of your bike’s paint intact. In case it suffers any damage due to accidents, natural calamities, riots, and other unpredictable events, worry not as your bike insurance will take care of the repair expenses and soon your two-wheeler will be as good as new again.

How to maintain your two-wheeler’s paint

Taking care of your bike’s exteriors is important to keep it looking neat and pristine for long. Here are some tips that should help.

1. Clean it often: When you use your bike for regular commuting, it is important to clean it with plain water at least once a week. A bike is exposed to many harsh elements and not taking good care of it can spoil the exterior in no time. Cleaning helps remove dust, grime, and muck easily. If these are left on the bike’s surface for long, they may spoil the paint and lend an unsightly look to your two-wheeler.

2. Do not use harsh detergents: While water is the best and safest option, you can use a mild shampoo at times for thorough cleaning. Never use harsh detergents or chemicals as they can spoil the paint easily. Wash gently and wipe it with a soft cloth.

3. Polish it: Apply a layer of wax or polish on your bike to protect its paint from the elements. When the bike’s surface is coated with wax, any dirt or dust will not cling on to the paint, but falls off immediately. This helps prevent damage and also keeps scratches at bay. What’s more, it is easier to clean a polished surface. You can also use a dashboard polish for the plastic parts of your bike.

4. Use scratch removers: Noticed some scratches on your bike? A bike is often exposed to extreme conditions so scratches are inevitable. However, you can use the right scratch removers and get rid of the minor ones. In case your two-wheeler has some deeper scratches, use a rubbing compound to remove them. However, the rubbing compound removes the wax as well, so make sure you polish your bike again to protect the paint and restore shine.

5. Use paint protection films: This is a smart and simple way to keep your motorbike’s paint in perfect condition. Buy paint protection films from the market, cut them into required shapes, and apply them on your bike. These films act as a barrier between the external elements and your bike and help prevent scratches.

6. Cover it: When you are not using your two-wheeler, make sure it is parked in a covered area to prevent damage from harsh sunrays, rainfall, and dust. In case you do not have a covered parking area, use a good quality cover for your bike.


A first impression is the last impression and this holds true for your two-wheeler as well. Therefore, keep your bike clean and maintained and also take the necessary steps to prevent any damage to its paint. Apart from this, make sure you have the right bike insurance policy. In case your bike suffers any damage, your bike insurance company will take care of the expenses. If you are looking to cover your bike against accidents, natural calamities, theft and fire, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is just right.

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