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How to renew your expired bike insurance policy online?

Riding is a fulfilled activity; it gives you super sense of freedom. It gives you an edge against the city traffic and keeps you ahead of everyone else. Though bike riding is synonymous to fun and adventure, HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance is designed to give you safety and security against unforeseen circumstances. By law, third party liability only insurance policy is a mandate, however it isn’t enough to cover total loss or partial loss due to own damage. Hence it is highly advisable to opt for comprehensive cover to get an umbrella protection against all the possible risks. It is advisable to continue enjoying the benefits by ensuring timely renewals.

What to do when your bike insurance has lapsed?

Like we said, timely renewals are an important essence of having insurance policies. It helps you enjoy continuity benefits, and gives peace of mind while riding. Your insurer shall keep reminding you to renew your insurance for ensuring ease and hassle free renewals, however if you miss the date and your policy expires, you won’t be eligible to enjoy any benefits and your risks won’t be covered thereafter. The next question that will come to your mind is my two wheeler insurance has expired, what’s next? Well, now you can renew your policy but for that your vehicle will have to undergo an inspection process. Post completion, you will be issued a policy instantly. To elaborate, if your bike insurance date has expired, your vehicle goes under the break in procedure for renewal. Hence, next time when you see that your bike insurance has lapsed take active measures to get it renewed and stay protected against on road risks.

Disadvantage of policy lapse

  • Increase in out of pocket expenses

  • No financial security

  • Risks remain uncovered

  • No accidental cover

The above disadvantages may prove fatal in case your vehicle meets with an accident, hence take preventive measures and buy motor health insurance policies.

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