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What should you do if you fall ill abroad?

What should you do in such scenarios? Travel insurance is your best bet. In simple terms, it is a comprehensive plan that offers coverage for financial or medical emergencies that might arise during a foreign trip. However, the benefits of the plan just do not stop there. They offer a lot more for the money that you pay.

Illness or Sickness

There are a lot of variables that can impact your health when you're on a foreign trip. Variables such as a change in temperature, time zone, weather or excessive travelling can lead to illnesses. Falling sick in such times not only hampers your trip but also increases your expenses considerably. The following are some of the common illnesses that one might suffer from when abroad.

  • Allergies

  • Fever

  • Illness related to the respiratory system

  • Illness related to the cardiovascular system

  • Neurology related issues and so on

  • Medical Help

    If you are seriously ill or injured, one of the best ways to avail medical help is to reach out to the Indian Embassy in the country. Though they might not be able to direct you to a doctor, they can certainly assist you with finding medical services.

    When you have a travel insurance plan, you can call your insurer and ask them to refer you to a physician or hospital.


    To avoid such situations, you can take a few precautions at your end. For starters, you can carry your own set of prescribed medicines for some common illnesses such as flu or fever. If you have an existing disease or illness, it is recommended to do the same.

    It will be helpful if you can gather information about the country you are travelling to. Some countries require their travelers to have proper vaccinations before entering the country and so on. And most importantly, if you are already sick, do not write off the option of not travelling.

    Yes, the booking and amount that you have invested might prevent you from cancelling the trip, but that is just another perk of having a travel insurance policy. It can protect you against financial losses that occur if you fall sick suddenly and have to cancel travelling plans. Here are a few prominent reasons for buying a travel insurance policy.

  • Loss of Baggage

    Given the massive number of passengers, it is possible that your airline could misplace your baggage or it might get stolen in a new country. In such times, the policy will have your back.


  • Loss of Documents

It can be a nightmare if you lose any important document such as a passport during a trip. Thankfully, a travel insurance plan will ensure that you can get a replacement at no cost.

Having a travel insurance plan is one of the smartest ways of securing your international trip. If you haven’t already bought one, it is high time you do so.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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