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Advantages of Buying a Travel Insurance Plan for Holiday Trips

Holidays! This word holds utmost importance in our lives. It’s that time of the year when we browse exotic locations, palaces, restaurants, and things to do at your much planned destination. You tend to book your hotels, flights and sightseeing packages instantly to avoid price hikes. But, the only aspect that often gets neglected is buying a travel insurance plan for your upcoming holidays. Travel insurance plays an important role in formulating a memorable holiday. A good travel insurance plan takes care of your necessary expenses and ensures you bring back good memories only.

Medical Related Coverage

Emergency Medical Expenses: You don’t want your unexpected medical expense to rise over and above your trip budget, hence while travelling overseas if you fall sick and need medical attention, our travel insurance plan will cover your medical expenses effortlessly. In case you are admitted at a network hospital then you are eligible to avail cashless treatment.

Emergency Dental Expenses: You are never enough prepared to deal with dental expenses. Though dental treatment expenses may not seem that crucial, but it is of utmost importance. At an overseas location, minor dental surgeries may take a toll over your budget. Hence, we cover your dental expenses with ease. So, with HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance you do not have to pay for your emergency dental treatment.

Medical Evacuation: If you are trapped at a hill top and need immediate medical assistance then we get you out of the distressing situation too. Your expense for medical evacuation gets covered under our travel insurance plan.

Hospital daily cash allowance: We offer hospital cash for easing your petty expenses at overseas destinations. Though we cover hospitalization expenses, but at times even miscellaneous expenses may take a toll over your finances. To avoid such financial losses, we offer hospital daily cash.

Accidental Death or Disability: Due to an unfortunate accident if the insured person dies or faces permanent disability, we provide a lump sum amount to the family for taking care of the expenses that are bound to arise in future.

Trip Related Coverage

Flight Delays: We understand that waiting for flights may sound distressing but we will pay for the meals that you tend to buy during the waiting period.

Hijack Distress Allowance

Controlling a hijack situation is definitely not possible for us, however we will compensate for the distress caused to you at the time of hijack.

Hotel Accommodation

In sickness and in health we abide to be besides you always. If you are not keeping well we take care of your extended hotel stay in a foreign land.

Loss of Baggage & Personal Documents

In an overseas destination, your passport and other important documents are of utmost importance. You need to preserve them carefully, however if you end up losing it we will assist you in getting one.

Loss of checked-in baggage

It’s truly a nightmare situation when you know that your personal documents and baggage has gone missing and it hasn’t arrived at the baggage collection. In such a scenario we understand that you will face difficulty in conducting the trip without necessities, hence we pay lumpsum amount per bag to compensate the loss in case your luggage goes missing and doesn’t arrive at the destination airport.

Delay of checked-in baggage

You don’t want to spoil the fun by waiting for long at the baggage collection. So, if your luggage gets delayed, we’ll reimburse you for the essentials like medicines and toiletries while things get sorted.

The above stated are the various benefits or advantages of buying travel insurance plans from HDFC ERGO, a brand trusted by 1 Crore+ customers.

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