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Type of Travel Insurance in India

Somebody rightly said, to travel is to Live. Travelling is one of the best ways to escape the daily grind between work and home. However, heading towards a new and unknown destination can throw you any number of difficult situations. In such a scenario well-designed travel insurance comes to your rescue. Whether you have vacation plan or wish to stay for a long time for higher education or work, travel insurance is a must.

Types of Travel Insurance: Depending upon the travel requirements you can choose the travel insurance plan:

Individual Travel Insurance Plan: As the name suggests, individual travel insurance is meant for individuals who wish to opt for single or multi-trips cover. This is apt for solo travellers and if you travel frequently for work purpose. Understanding the individual coverage will help you in finding out which travel insurance is best for your travel requirements.

Family Travel Insurance Plan: Family travel insurance is designed to cover your spouse, kids and parents while travelling abroad. This too can be opted for single or multi trip purposes. If you wish to know which travel insurance is best in India, then pick a travel plan that can cover your entire family for the entire travel duration.

Student Suraksha Travel Plan: For higher education if you wish to study at an overseas nation, you would require travel insurance for a prolonged period to cover costs related to medical emergencies, loss of documents, loss or delay of checked baggage and so on.

Common Coverage and Benefits offered by HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

  • Emergency medical expenses

  • Loss of checked baggage and documents

  • Personal Accident

  • Flight delays

Benefits: Emergency Dental Treatment, Loss of Baggage & Personal Documents, Repatriation, Loss of Checked Baggage, Delay of Checked Baggage, Personal Liability and Hijack Distress Allowance.

Common exclusions of Travel Insurance by HDFC ERGO

  • Civil War or Foreign War.

  • Self-Inflicted Injury, Suicide.

  • Non adherence to medical advice.

  • Participation in any Criminal Act.

  • AIDS or HIV.

  • Participating in hazardous adventure sports

Are you still wondering which travel insurance should i get? Well, it’s recommended to click on: "HDFC ERGO TRAVEL INSURANCE PLANS" and see which plan matches your needs.

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