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Essential Things covered by your Travel Insurance

Are you planning your first international travel? Confused, about how to go about travel insurance? Well, let’s take a deep insight to understand what do travel insurance cover? HDFC ERGO offers travel insurance plans with wide range of cover for overseas destinations such as USA, UK and Japan. The decision of what to look out for before buying travel insurance depends on the type and purpose of travel, whether you are travelling with family for a vacation, taking business trips for work or student travel.

Let’s look at what do travel insurance cover? Or essentials of travel insurance

  • 1. Medical Cover: Medical treatment costs at overseas destination are quite high. In case you fall sick or meet with an accident, the medical expenses may shatter your financial planning. Hence, while travelling across the length and breadth of the world, it is very important to ensure your medical necessities are taken care by the travel insurance.

  • 2. Destinations covered: Ensure most of your destinations are covered, so that wherever you go, the probable risks remain covered.

  • 3. Natural Disaster: Before buying travel insurance, the most important question you must ask the insurer is that does your travel insurance cover natural disasters? If yes, you stay protected against risks arising due to natural calamities during your travel period.

  • 4. Personal belongings and documents: While travelling to international destinations, your personal belongings need to be taken care off. In case it gets lost or damaged during the travel duration, your travel insurance covers risks probable to luggage and document loss.

  • 5. Flight delays: In case of flight delays, there are high possibilities of additional costs, which you may have to incur. Such as stay arrangement, meals etc. Such expenses can get covered under travel insurance.

These are the 5 most important covers to look for before buying a travel insurance plan. Other than most important coverage there are a few more benefits that need to be looked upon before choosing a travel insurance plan for overseas destination.

Other emergency cover:

Personal Accident (Common Carrier), Hospital Cash, Emergency Dental Treatment, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Loss of Checked Baggage, Financial Emergency Assistance, Hijack Distress Allowance and Contingency Travel Benefit

The above mentioned travel insurance would offer a much wider cover against unforeseen incidents while travelling abroad.

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