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Things you need to know before your next family trip abroad

Family vacations are always fun-filled we look forward to our departure dates and start doing all necessary preparations. Just like booking advance flight tickets, selecting hotels with best customer reviews and picking up the best sights top your to-do list, similarly buying a travel insurance plan should also be on your check-list. Just like you research about the every other important aspect of your vacation, in the same way looking for options to buy overseas travel insurance online is also crucial.

Steps to follow before departing for the family vacation?

Check documents – One must always vigilantly check the documents, tickets, hotel booking receipts, traveler's cheque and every other document before departing. Keep the travel insurance document handy is also important as many countries require travel insurance as a mandate.

Checking medical conditions - Always keep a check on your health, it is extremely important. Carrying medicines in your hand bag is a must.

Know about foreign travel insurance online

If your family tends to travel frequently to overseas destination then family insurance multi trips is recommended, however for one time vacation family insurance single trip works well. You can simply buy international travel insurance online with HDFC ERGO and choose the best plan as per your country and number of days.

Family Single Trip Insurance

This travel insurance covers you for specific days from one fixed departure to arrival. This is best suited for vacations.

Multi trip family travel insurance

Under this travel insurance you are covered for the multiple trips that you take within the stipulated time frame such as a year or so. This is best suited for people who travel overseas frequently.

Why go for HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance?

HDFC ERGO has come up with per day pricing for travel insurance. You can buy travel insurance online for specific number of days and pay accordingly. Traditionally, one had to buy travel insurance for a week or a month even if you travel for a day or two; however HDFC ERGO gives you the freedom to pay for the specific number of days you choose to travel for. This makes travel insurance affordable and convenient to buy.

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