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5 Things to Consider Before Going Abroad With Family

Travel insurance offers coverage for medical and financial emergencies to policyholders during their travels. Now, life is uncertain. For this reason, people buy life or health insurance. The same applies when you travel; especially to foreign countries where it may be difficult to find assistance during emergencies. Travel insurance, essentially, protects your finances and saves you from a lot of hassles during your travels.

Consider these five things before travelling abroad with your family.

  • Documents – Are the travel-related documents in order?
    When travelling abroad with your family, ensure that the passports and visas are in order. It is best not to leave the task for the last minute and then find out to your horror that your passport is about to expire. Make a note of the destinations in your itinerary where visas are issued on arrival and where you have to arrange it beforehand.

  • Insurance – Do you have the right coverage to safeguard you from emergencies during your trip?
    It is quite careless to travel abroad with family without travel insurance. So, make sure that you buy travel insurance with the right coverage ideal for your family trip.
    The basic plan must include cover for emergency medical expenses, lost baggage, lost documents, emergency hospital cash allowance etc. Before buying travel insurance, inquire about family floaters and the maximum number of members you can include in one. If you require coverage for a specific concern, be sure to ask your insurer about it. You may be able to buy it in addition to your basic travel insurance plan.

  • Vaccinations – Do you need one?
    You and your family may need the appropriate vaccinations when travelling to certain countries. Otherwise you can put your family’s life at risk from diseases such a yellow fever and other infections.

  • Health Checkups – Is everyone healthy enough to go on a trip abroad?
    When travelling abroad, it is essential that you get a go-ahead from your doctor in case you suffer from a serious condition. Basic health checkup for your entire family travelling with you can also be a good idea.

  • Currency – Do you have enough?
    It is best to arrange for the appropriate currency prior to your travels. Leaving it for a last minute exchange at the airport can cost you more. When travelling with kids, always account for emergencies and carry enough cash accordingly.

Benefits of Travel Plans

Buying the right travel insurance plan can be one of the most useful things you can do for your travels abroad.

With the right coverage, you won’t need to pay for expensive medical care (including dental) when travelling aboard. Imagine your child suddenly developing severe toothache, requiring emergency treatment. It can cost you a great deal in a foreign country without the safety net of travel insurance.

Travel insurance can cover medical emergencies, lost baggage, lost documents, booking cancellations, financial emergency assistance, and even accidental deaths, and body repatriation. It can protect you against flight delays, emergency hotel accommodations, hijack distress, personal liability, daily cash allowance in case of hospitalisation, personal disablement, medical evacuation and more too.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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