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Student Travel Insurance : Plan Before Your Departure

It’s not easy being a student in India. After having gone through many trials and tribulations of colleges around the country, you find yourself among lakhs of other engineers, doctors and other budding professionals. Clearly, an undergraduate degree will not suffice. Specialization and higher studies have almost become the norm so that the industry can reckon with you as a qualified professional. Shouldering the hopes and dreams of their entire families, thousands of students leave the country every year in the pursuit of higher education.

No Risk, No Reward!

When students leave the comfort of their homes to fly aboard for studies, they are bound to face many a challenge. As they grapple with the foreign culture, people, languages and studies during their time there, they are prone to many risks they may not be able to handle by themselves. From medical emergencies to unexpected sicknesses, loss of important documents, loss of baggage and sudden changes or delays in travel arrangements, many risks lurk right around the corner. Comprehensive international student travel insurance plans will pay the liability incurred by the insurer or the sum insured depending on what is lesser. Choose HDFC ERGO student travel insurance for complete peace of mind.

Chalk out a plan

While students get ready for the Herculean task of moving to a different country for a pretty long period, insurance is something that they don’t usually worry too much about. However, it is important to chalk out a plan for your insurance needs as well. Ideally you should consider paying for the travel insurance as soon as you have made flight arrangements to fly to your study abroad destination. This process will have to begin at least 6 weeks ahead of your trip. 

You need to be careful while choosing a student flight travel insurance as there are many plans to choose from. HDFC ERGO offers cheap student travel insurance for USA, Europe and other popular destinations across five slabs – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum with varying premium and coverage benefits.


Student travel insurance benefits cover a wide range of incidents such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Unexpected accidents or sickness
  • Loss of baggage
  • Delay or cancellation of flights
  • Loss of passport and other documents
  • Financial emergency assistance
  • Accidental death and subsequent mortal repatriation

The plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions and consequences due to alcohol or drug abuse.

Benefits of HDFC ERGO

HDFC ERGO places the highest priority on the interests of the student and their education. They offer some of the cheapest student travel insurance for Europe and Schengen countries. Experience the following benefits with HDFC ERGO-

  • Competitive premium
  • Wide geographic coverage
  • Secure payment options
  • 24 x 7 customer support

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