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Student Travel Insurance: Coverage and Benefits

Most students are very eager to learn, gain new experiences and explore uncharted avenues. Those who aspire to be better stay busy giving shape to their future dreams and go to great lengths to make it real. Anything that can give an edge to a student’s career increases job opportunities.

A recent report released by the government states that about 6 lakh Indian students are studying in more than 80 different countries currently. But ditching the comfort of home to go to a foreign country to pursue education isn’t that easy. Especially not without someone to back you up. Students not only have to study twice as hard but also be responsible for their own safety.

Problems like medical emergencies, financial problems or situational difficulties like luggage and documents theft don’t inform you before they happen. But when they do happen, a student’s world can come crashing down.

A student travel insurance plan provides financial support in case of any such unfortunate events. Without it, a student is liable to spend a huge amount of money for even minor treatments.

A student travel insurance takes care of medical needs and protects you during emergencies and losses. One such company that understands the needs of students and parents well is HDFC ERGO.

HDFC ERGO offers a variety of coverages and benefits at affordable prices. HDFC ERGO’s reach in terms of insurance plans across geographies is among the largest in the country.

One can buy student travel insurance online by either visiting the website or downloading the HDFC app. It offers plan comparisons, payment options, and instant policies.

What gets covered?

The student travel insurance policy covers the accidental death where the nominee gets the insurance amount. It reimburses the money spent in case of fatal injuries, unexpected sickness, permanent disability, legal support, loss of baggage or passport, visit by one family member, and even treatment of pregnant ladies.

All such travel insurance schemes are available to students in the age limit from mid-teens to late 30s and are for those who are going abroad to study.


The insurance usually doesn’t cover health deterioration due to a pre-existing condition, or when it is established beyond doubt that the reason behind the travel was treatment rather than education. Also, if anything happens to a person in a city that is not covered, under the contract, then no insurance will be given.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and also make sure to keep a copy of the student travel insurance with you!

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