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Student Travel Insurance : How Do You Need It ?

Travelling overseas alone for the purpose of advanced education is a brave step for a student. While the experience definitely sounds exciting, it is more challenging than you would think. Handling the stress of studies in a foreign land and taking complete care of oneself requires strength, courage and resolve. What makes this journey easier and safer is ‘student travel insurance’.

International travel insurance for students is extremely important. We, at HDFC ERGO, strive to provide the most favorable plans for student travel insurance India. Here are some of the striking features and benefits of our student travel insurance plan that make it indispensable for a student's successful education stint abroad. Get the best composition of all the important features in a single policy with HDFC ERGO.

  1. 1. Emergency medical expenses: In India, medical expenses are still under control but the medical expenses in many foreign countries are skyrocketing. A simple medical procedure can put a dent on the pocket. Student travel insurance covers upto USD 5 Lakh, the cost of all medical expenses in case of an unfortunate accident or unexpected illness.
  1. 2. Permanent disability: If a student meets with an unfortunate accident that causes permanent disability, in that case the student travel insurance promises a compensation amount in an attempt to help the student make up for the loss.
  1. 3. Loss of Passport: In a foreign country, the passport must be guarded with life but still because of a casual human error, the passport may be lost. If you are insured as a student, the insurance provider will ensure a hassle free experience of acquiring either a copy of or a new passport.
  1. 4. Personal Liability: In a foreign land, if a student accidentally causes physical or financial distress to a third party, it might lead to a hefty loss of resources as well as emotional trauma. With international travel insurance for students, these personal liabilities can be handled by the insurance provider.
  1. 5. Bail Bond: Life can take an unexpected turn any time and if a student is entangled in a legal situation ending up in arrest or detention by the police, then the student travel insurance will cover the bail bond as well.
  1. 6. Accidental Death: If the student meets with an unfortunate end in a foreign country, then the insurance provider pays a compensation amount to the insured person’s family.
  1. 7. Sponsor Protection: Parents or guardians selflessly strive to pay for the student’s uninterrupted studies, but in case of an unfortunate situation wherein the sponsor of the student meets with an accidental demise, the student travel insurance will include the payment of tuition fee.
  1. 8. Psychological coverage: The stress of studying abroad can be sometimes overwhelming. The student travel insurance covers the cost of treatment of mental and nervous disorders as well.
  1. 9. Study Interruption: In case of a medical or personal situation if the student faces an interruption in the studies for a period, then student travel insurance India pays a compensation amount to secure the student’s well-being.

With 24x7 assistance, the promise of a hassle free experience and easy claims process, HDFC ERGO is a favorable partner for student travel insurance.


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