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Single trip travel insurance v/s. multi trip travel insurance

Travel insurance protects the insured against the expenses that may be incurred due to unexpected incident while travelling overseas such as accident, loss of baggage, delays etc. There are two types of travel insurance policies available- single trip and multi-trip. Single trip travel insurance is meant for those who travel once in a while. For frequent fliers, getting a new travel insurance policy each time they embark upon a journey can be tedious. Therefore, for such individuals, multi-trip travel insurance is made available.

Below are some differences between single trip travel insurance policy and multi trip travel insurance policy:

Single trip travel insurance

Multi trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance policy covers the insured for one specific overseas trip only.Multiple trip travel insurance covers the insured on any number of trips during the time span of one year.
It is suitable for individuals who travel overseas once in a year. For example: Traveling for holidays.It is suitable for frequent fliers who embark upon multiple trips during the course of a year. For example: Traveling for business purposes.
The coverage is initiated from the day insured commences the journey and spans for the entire duration of the trip or policy ended whichever is earlier.Multiple trip travel insurance covers the insured from the starting day of the policy till the next 365 days.
The maximum limit for a single trip under the single trip travel insurance policy is 180 days.The maximum limit for one trip under the multi trip travel insurance policy can range from 30 to 45 days.


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