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Popular Countries Where Travel Insurance Is Mandatory For Visitors

Travelling truly gives you a break from hectic schedules and lets you enjoy life to the fullest. However, not always do we travel for fun at times travel could be due to some official work or for higher education where we are bound to stay for a longer duration. While staying at a foreign destination for a longer span of time, it is highly advised to opt for travel insurance. Travel insurance is mandatory in many countries, hence before planning a vacation or prolonged stay check travel insurance plans online. It not only insures you against medical contingencies but also safeguards your belongings and important documents in case of loss or theft.

Let’s take a look at the list of countries where travel insurance is mandatory for visitors

USA: Undoubtedly, the USA offers best in class health care services, however undergoing medical treatment over there could cost you a fortune. Well, the answer the question, is travel insurance mandatory for USA? Is yes. Travel insurance for student as well as tourist is inevitable so as to insure the possible risks.

Schengen Countries and UK: Most of us would love to explore all the Schengen countries, thanks to the natural beauty and attractive destinations which include Switzerland, Greece, UK, Iceland, Spain, Germany and many others. But not to ignore is the fact that medical expenses in these countries are very high as compared to India. For treating a slightest injury due to accident you might end up paying as much as 200 £. Hence, understand the fact that travel insurance mandatory for UK.

UAE: For UAE, be it a visit to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other UAE countries the basic code is no travel insurance no visa. You have to insure your travel plan before stepping at UAE countries, just like other continents. Many travellers often wonder whether travel insurance is mandatory for Dubai. The answer is yes, travel insurance is very much mandatory for Dubai.

Other than the above mentioned countries, there are many other tourist destinations that require travel insurance. In case of emergency, travel insurance coverage provided helps in a big way – most importantly it saves you money.



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