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Know When Travel Insurance Is Necessary and When It Can Be Skipped

The idea of skipping travel insurance is never recommended however, if you wish to save a few bucks then look for a country with lower crime rate and good terrains so that there are lesser chances of you falling under a financial crisis. Given the current scenario in most of the countries travel insurance is mandatory so you don’t really have a choice other than going for it. Moreover, health concerns are never ending you don’t really know when you may fall sick or feel unwell due to change of weather. Hence it is highly advisable to take this companion along with you wherever you go.

Why the idea of skipping travel insurance is hazardous?

Medical concerns: Though you are just planning to spend a luxury vacation in a 5 Star Resort and feel nothing can really affect you, think twice. A minor flu treatment can take a toll over your trip budget.

Flight delays: Imagine you’ve checked in and at the gate you come to know that your flight is late by 3 hrs. This is something you definitely can’t control if you do not have a travel insurance plan you will have to buy refreshments at your own expenses. However, travel insurance gives a cover for all of these expenses too.

Loss of Baggage: Thinking that you have made a great deal by skipping travel insurance? Hold your thoughts. What if your baggage doesn’t arrive at the collection belt? Or it’s delayed by a day? In that case you will have to deal with the insufficient stuff and buying new clothes or medicines may burn a hole in your pocket. So, take travel insurance so that even if you lose your baggage you get your claim amount without any worries. You just need to submit a list of documents to prove the incident.

When can you think of skipping?

Credit card offers: If your card offers travel insurance covers or specific coverage then you can think of skipping the comprehensive coverage.

For flights: If your flight offers coverage for loss of baggage, delay in flight arrival, flight cancellation or trip cancellation then you can think of skipping the idea of buying a travel insurance.

International Health Care Plan: If you are covered under a global health care insurance then you will not need a travel insurance to bear the medical expenses.

Conclusion: Precaution is better than cure, there is no use of regretting later. Hence, always be on a safer side and buy comprehensive travel insurance from HDFC ERGO and take it easy! We ensure your trip gives you good memories only.

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