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Demystify Travel Insurance Myths in 1 Minute

Travelling is indeed a fun-filled agenda; it keeps us away from the city’s chaos and disconnects us from the rest of the world. Before travelling we plan the perfect itinerary, pack well and book the best hotels to ensure a comfortable and relaxed vacation, however little do we know that holidays may turn into a nightmare if you do not have travel insurance. Always remember risk follows you everywhere you go, hence getting a travel insurance is mandatory. Risks could be of various types such as medical emergencies, accidents, loss of passport, delay in check in luggage and lots more. Hence, neglecting travel insurance may jeopardize your savings in the long run. We may skip buying travel insurance due to several myths and misleading information; let’s shed some light on what to believe and what not to? So that next time you decide to travel you add travel insurance to your check list as well.

5 myths about travel insurance and their demystification

My trip is well planned Nothing can go WRONG

This myth is one of the most prominent one and is widely believed by travelers all around the globe. You can vouch on this fact probably because your previous trips might have been very smooth and you did not face any hiccups, however life is full of uncertainties. You can never really be fully prepared to deal against any situation. If you have full faith that nothing major can go wrong from your end, what about the flight delays, and loss of checked in luggage or missing baggage? Are you sure nothing of this sort could happen? These consequences are truly not in your control, hence it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Break this travel insurance myth that nothing can go wrong, and stay prepared if anything goes wrong you’ll be in a better position to tackle it.

I will book my travel insurance later

You have booked your tickets in advance and planned the accommodation as well, then why keep travel insurance waiting? If you plan to book travel insurance later or at the time of need, you will no more stand eligible to get the insurance. Once your travel date is gone, you cannot ask for travel insurance or your insurance proposal might get denied. The whole purpose of getting insurance is to be safe in advance, hence if you decide to buy travel insurance later it may lead to disappointment and financial loss.

I can pay off the medical expenses, it would be affordable

Medical expenses are rising day by day due to advancement of technology and medical science. Due to which there has been a steep rise in the treatment cost in the overseas destination. You might be able to cope up with minor treatment charges, however god forbid if you or any member of your family met with an accident or is suffering from an ailment which needs immediate medical attention, you may exhaust your savings and run out of finances. The treatment cost at an international destination is much high, for which you may not really be prepared to bear the expenses. To cope up with this financial crisis, a travel insurance plan can prove effective.

Travel Insurance is meant for adventurers or hikers

Off-late, this travel insurance myth is trending a lot. Eradicate this thought, travel insurance cover is meant for all those who are traveling away from base destination. It isn’t necessary that only an adventurer gets covered or must sign up for it, all of you who travel around the world need a travel coverage to stay better prepared for fighting against contingencies, if any. Several common scenarios such has loss of baggage, loss of passport and delay in checked luggage can happen to anyone and anywhere, hence it is not restricted to adventure junkies. Leave behind this travel insurance myth and buy one before heading for your summer vacation.

Travel Insurance cover is needed only when something disastrous happens

This travel insurance myth is commonly believed by many of us. Travel insurance covers are not limited to natural calamities or hijack distress; it covers other financial losses as well. For example: You plan to attend your friend’s wedding and your checked-in baggage does not arrive at the baggage collection belt. Opting for travel insurance can cover your expenses that you are incurring in absence of your baggage till the time it gets recovered. Remember your airlines will not cover such mishaps, hence having travel insurance is important.

The above points demystify common travel myths. Next time when you plan to travel for work or leisure, make sure you prioritize travel insurance just like your tickets and accommodation. Often travelers regret not buying insurance at a later stage, when they need it the most.

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