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Travel Insurance And How it Works

Travel insurance is essential while traveling to a foreign land. Buying travel insurance online is fairly easy and online quotes make it easier to compare policies. Many insurance company websites offer customers to buy travel insurance online. This makes buying travel insurance easy and buyer-friendly. Filing a claim for your travel insurance policy requires a certain process to be followed. When filing a claim, it is important to be honest about trip plans when buying the plan. Prepare a detailed list of items you would carry along. This will facilitate you make claim for any loss or damage during the trip. Also take pictures of all the items and receipts if possible. This will help you a lot when filing a claim. In the event of a loss due to theft, you must report it immediately to the local authorities. Also supply a document trail for insurance claim. It is vital to get copies reports, if any.

Travel insurance in India can be categorized into three types - Medical Travel Cover, Trip Protection and Luggage and/or Car Rental Protection. Medical travel insurance covers the tourist for health as well as dental costs incurred due to any illness or injury during the journey. It also includes medical evacuation cover. It covers you in the event of hospitalization due to a health emergency. Buying a medical insurance cover before travel will help you handle these expenses. The plan usually comes tagged with medical travel insurance. However, you can buy one as separate plan too. Accidental death policy with a dismemberment plan is also important.

Travel insurance also offers cover in the event of trip cancellation various problems such as illness. Here, the prepaid costs are reimbursed by insurance company. It also offers cover for cancellation of tour in case any of the family members is unwell or dies. The delay travel cover of your travel insurance policy takes care of delays in transportation. For instance, if the destination you are supposed to reach is heavily snowed in and no flights or other transportation method is available, then the insurance company will cover you for prepaid expenses of the hotel.

Trip interruption protection is another cover offered by insurance companies these days. In case, you or your family member gets sick during the journey, the interruption policy will help you leave the trip mid-way with expenses being covered by the company. The plan is also applicable under conditions such as trip interruption due to bad weather, bankruptcy of a tour company and more. The travel insurance luggage and car rental protection plans cover rental car in case of lost items and accidents. Make sure you read the fine print carefully before buying a plan. Know exactly what is covered and how.

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