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Get The Most Out Of Your Travel Insurance Policy

International Travel insurance is important for all travellers. It is better to be prepared for an unforeseen incident when traveling internationally instead of going in without any coverage. However, certain situations are not covered under a travel insurance policy. You need to read your policy carefully to make sure, that in the event of a claim, you are not left stranded.

Check the excess on your online travel insurance policy. The excess is the amount you pay towards any cost you make a claim. One of the most common reasons for rejecting a travel insurance claim relates to the issue of a pre-existing medical condition that has not been disclosed. The travel insurance provider can reasonably reject a claim that has nothing to do with a pre-existing condition if they can show that they would not have allowed the policy to be taken out in the first place had the condition been disclosed. A pre-existing condition is not only limited to medical conditions that have already been diagnosed. It may also apply to symptoms for which the customer has seen a doctor before buying the travel insurance but where the cause of the problem has not yet been diagnosed

Be very careful about when you purchase your policy. Most people buy travel insurance policy to begin on the first day of their holiday, rather than the day they booked. This can become a problem when the policyholder has to cancel the holiday in advance. In these circumstances, the travel insurance company may refuse to pay any cancellation costs because the policy cover hasn't actually started. If your claim is turned down you will need to prove that the travel insurance provider hadn't made you aware that you would not be covered for events before the start date of your policy. Even if no conversation has taken place and you have bought your policy online, the insurer should make it clear that the cover only commences from the start of your holiday.

Travel insurance policies routinely exclude a number of sporting activities and you should check these carefully, as your idea of hazardous may be different from that of an insurer. Don’t be laid back about theft or loss. Failing to obtain a police report after a robbery or failing to notify your travel insurance provider within a certain time frame is another reason why a claim may be turned down. Your insurer can also turn down your claim if they have grounds to believe you failed to take reasonable care of your belongings.

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