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Health Insurance for Women

Women today have come a long way from being simply caregivers at home and they are making their presence felt in many professional areas, But they still tend to overlook their own wellbeing while taking care of others. However, women are the backbone of the society who have often been conditioned to put others before themselves. But what you need to realize is that, you can only take care of others and shoulder responsibilities when you are fit and fine. So, it is essential for women to have a health insurance for them to fall back on.

Advantages of having a health insurance for women

Restorative Reasons

A woman’s body undergoes many changes with each life stage. Pregnancy and menopause are the major causes of weakening of the body. A policy which covers side effects and symptoms is essential for saving costs. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover the medical costs of consultation and any hospitalization regarding these issues.

New Age Diseases

Lifestyle changes have made women prone to  different types of cancers and other female organs related diseases which are long lasting and/or  life threatening. It is essential for women after the age of 30 to undergo regular check-ups. A good health insurance will assist such investigations cost-wise and catch health issues early on.

Tax Advantages

Buying medical insurance can give you the advantage of availing tax deductions under Section 80 D up to the limit of Rs 25,000 (as per new changes in the Income Tax laws).

Cashless Claim

omen need not worry about carrying too much cash while getting hospitalized. Network hospitals can help you gain cashless claims on your admission and hospital expenses. 

Purchasing a Medical Cover

ith such a large number of alternatives available in the market for all ailments, finding a medical cover plan can be a challenging. Women are inclined to contract specific illnesses more than men. Ailments like heart malignant growth, thyroid, blisters, hormone related issues, and breast cancer, are amongst the issues which can affect women significantly. So, keep the following points in mind while buying cover:

Holding up period

Even young women of less than 15 years have ailments like thyroid or other hormonal issues. Also, the greater part of the previous infections has a holding up time of 2-5 years. So, it is advisable to purchase a health plan when you are young.

Additional Cover over Employers’ Cover

Companies provide medical and group insurance for all employees but each person should be buying policies as per their specific requirements. You should also buy critical illness and accidental benefit riders. These are essential to protect yourself against sudden accidents which can cause disability -temporary or permanent. This will be useful if you are a single woman living alone or a single mother on whom the responsibility of dependents lies. Also, if you have a prognosis of any illness in your routine check-ups, you should buy a health insurance to cover those illnesses.


Despite a changing socio-economic scenario, women are still not paid equal to men in most sectors, and hence, saving on medical expenses should be a priority for working women. If you have dependents who don’t just need your financial support but also your care, you clearly need to value your own health first. Various special health policies are available today and it is advisable to buy one before the age of 30 or as soon as you start earning.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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