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Importance of Health Insurance for Women

Today, when the world is being outspoken about the term Feminism, which speaks about gender equality. It’s high time we pull up our socks and pay equal attention to women health care and hygiene. Women often get so engrossed in fulfilling family responsibilities and duties that they tend to forget their own good. She who takes care of the entire family is also entitled to get good amount of health care. To ensure total health cover and protect the backbone of our family, never procrastinate on buying a health for women. In India the trend has been changing drastically, many working women are now educated enough to take care of themselves and get an adequate health cover.

Special Health Insurance plans for women

Though there isn’t much health insurance plans specially designed for women, most of the health insurance plans in India cater the arising health needs for women. Higher Sum Insured, Cancer cover, Ayurveda cover and lots more. You can always look for Health Insurance plan for family and cover your daughter as well as spouse Or Health Insurance plans for Parents to cover your mother

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plans

We cater to women of all ages and assure good health cover to protect women at every stage of life. Let’s take a look at the wide range of coverage offered in case of Critical Illness i.e cancer or major organ transplantation. If you are looking for health insurance for a 63 year old female you can choose Health insurance plans for senior citizens. HDFC ERGO provides one of the Best health insurance for single female.

Our Critical illness plan offers you coverage against 15 critical illnesses

This policy offers lump-sum compensation in one single transaction to cover costs incurred during medical treatment. It’s beneficial to have critical illness plan over and above your existing health plan for a wider cover. Being a benefit plan, you get the lump-sum amount is one transaction on the first diagnosis. This amount can be used by you for further treatment, to pay off debts if any, or to maintain a financial balance in life due to loss of income.

Due to rise in lifestyle diseases it’s no more just the senior women who need health insurance. Each and every woman today, be it a 21 year old young adult or 61 year old senior citizen, health insurance for women is crucial at all stages.

Wrapping it up, always remember she who nurtures you and protects you needs protection too.

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