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Reasons Why Working Women Need Health Insurance

Health insurance is also known as medical insurance or mediclaim. It is a type of insurance plan which covers the cost of medical and surgical expenses of an individual. In case of a medical emergency, the insured person is reimbursed by the health insurance provider, which either pays directly or indirectly to the hospital or clinic. As healthcare costs have spiked significantly over the past few years, it is recommended to have medical insurance to protect you against financial burdens. And working women need it more than ever!

Women, especially those who are living in urban areas are becoming financially independent every day. They are able to make their own decisions in daily life, but when it comes to health insurance, they are yet to embrace the idea wholeheartedly. According to a recent National Family Health Survey, only 20% of women have health insurance. Women, especially working women, have to take care of their homes as well as offices, so they often do not get ample time for self-care. Hence, it is important for working women to have health insurance as it can save them from unexpected medical expenses.

Below are some reasons which will help you in understanding why working women need health insurance:

Hectic schedule

Even in this modern era, most women do not have health insurance. However, women are more empowered than they were in yesteryears and are working shoulder to shoulder with men in every profession. They take care of everyone around them but self-care is often missing. Working women need to take extra care of their health as they have to follow a tight schedule. The hectic schedule that comes with balancing office and home can take a major toll on women’s body. Though the right work-life balance is difficult to achieve, personal health cannot be overlooked. As women grow older they become prone to various health issues as well. After the age of 40, the risk of irregular blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, breast cancer, etc. increase. Fighting with diseases does not only require courage but also financial backing. Health insurance policy can help working women in treating medical conditions without posing any extra financial burden.

The rising cost of medical treatment

As the cost of treatments is rising at a rapid rate these days, a health insurance policy can be a better option for women to deal with diseases without any financial burden or mental stress. Most of the families in India cannot afford to bear high healthcare costs on their own. Even for working women, bearing the entire cost of treatment can drain their savings. Here is where the role of health insurance matters. For a health insurance policy, you have to pay a premium every month and in case of illness or medical condition, the insurer pays the entire sum or a portion of the medical costs.

Stay healthy with health insurance

Most of the people think that health insurance comes in handy when you are sick but it is not true. You can take advantage of preventative services with the help of your health insurance plan. Most of the health insurance plans offer a number of free health check-ups. You can visit your doctor regularly for routine check-ups and get your recommended screening done without any extra cost. Regular check-ups help you in diagnosing diseases at an early stage too.

Tax benefits

Other than saving you from financial burden during a medical emergency, health insurance also help you in saving taxes. Working women can claim a deduction under Section 80D for their health insurance.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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