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10 ways to keep yourself engaged in a lockdown

While the world grapples it biggest health crisis, most countries have issued a strict lockdown that residents are expected to follow. And although this is the best way to tackle this unprecedented crisis, those holed up at home are at their wit’s end on how to keep themselves productive and engaged. While the chants of ‘I am bored’ resonate loud and clear in millions of homes across the world, we give you 10 ways in which you can spend this time at home to the fullest without losing your sanity.

  • Learn a new language: Being multi lingual is a quality sure to impress anyone, be it a foreign language like French or Spanish or a regional language that has always fascinated you. Various user-friendly apps can help you converse in a language and give you a heads-up.In this era of globalization, it always helps to know an additional language than your mother tongue.

  • Catch up on your reading list: Been dawdling around but unable to start that novel on your bedside table? Now is the time to fish out those books that you bought intending to read but never flipped open to due to lack of time. So put those gadgets away and experience the magic of books and take in the peculiar scent of an old book.

  • Increase your fitness quotient: Memes have been going around about people getting obese till the lock down is lifted, and while we may laugh our hearts out, that growing waistline cannot be ignored. So gear up and grab your yoga mats or if spunky music is your jam, dance along with the many Zumba video tutorials available online.

  • Go on a cleaning spree: Have been meaning to organize your wardrobe or clean the kitchen cabinets? Now is your time to do some deep cleaning, so scrub the floors, dust those cobwebs or declutter your room and experience the immense satisfaction you feel seeing your house spick and span.

  • Give your neglected hair and skin some TLC: Household chores while working from home and taking care of your family can get taxing. And the first to take a hit are your skin and hair, so slather on that face-pack or do a DIY hair conditioning pack with easily available ingredients at home.

  • Learn a new skill: Myriad online courses range from learning about a new software to a creative writing workshop. These courses ensure you remain productive while adding another skill to your repertoire.

  • Cook up a storm: Cooking is an essential skill that everyone should possess for survival and while you are at it why not make this a culinary fest. So don the chef’s hat and learn baking or try your hand at cooking some exotic cuisine.

  • Bring out those board games: Remember the time when summers were spent playing Ludo or Chinese checkers? Relive the melancholy with your family and bond over board game nights. If you don’t own any board games, look up the plethora of gaming apps that your family can partake in too.

  • Listen to soothing music or useful podcasts: It is a known fact that music is food for the soul, it can uplift your mood in the darkest of times, and help overcome anxiety. Several music streaming apps make it easier to listen to your favorite tracks or you could try out podcasts covering topics ranging from comedy to spirituality.

So banish those lockdown blues with the above suggestions and remember self-care is the best care and cure in these anxious times!

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