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4 ways to boost your immunity during a lockdown

It may seem implausible that the Covid 19 pandemic will end soon,or the nation and the world at large will get back on its feet and get going in the coming months.The situation might seem grim but we can take some measures at our end to ensure we do not fall victim to this contagious virus.The obvious and strongly recommended measures would include social distancing,maintaining hygiene,wearing a mask and washing hands at regular intervals.To know more on the COVID-19 click here.

Apart from this there is another step that we can take to ensure these uninvited viral guests don’t get entry into our body.The four pillars of good health are sound sleep,nutrition,fitness and mindfulness and working on these aspects are your best bet to improve your immune system,here are some ways in which you can enhance your body’s natural defense mechanism and boost your immunity:

  • More and better sleep:
    Has binge watching movies into the night and then waking up tired and yawning through the day become the new normal for you in the lockdown period?Ditch those cups of coffee and get some much needed slumber as it improves your resilience,lowers your stress levels and thus improves your immunity.Experts have time and again reiterated the fact that nothing beats a good night’s rest,and what better time than now in the lockdown to catch up on your sleep.

  • Know your nutrients:
    A nutritious diet with immune boosting ingredients can safeguard you against diseases,and inculcating them in your diet can build a strong immune system.Not getting exposed to sunlight in this lockdown will cause deficiency in Vitamin – D and consuming Vitamin-D rich foods like eggs,fish,mushrooms and cheddar cheese will prove helpful.Additionally including anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric,tomatoes,ginger,olive oil,walnuts and blueberries can prevent ailments.Also keeping yourself hydrated is essential.

  • Improve your fitness game:
    Lounging around on the sofa while watching fitness videos will only make your waistline grow at a fast rate,remaining fit is of utmost importance in these times.There is no better incentive than the fact that it will help you remain healthy and immune to any virus of any sort.So get your act together and groove to aerobics video tutorials or get flexible copying yoga asanas online.Because sweating it out will ensure you don’t fret about health scares.

  • Maintaining good mental health:
    Mental health is often ignored till a person reaches the brink and extends a hand for help.But why wait till things get worse,the lockdown is not the best of times for mindfulness but there are some ways in which you can find your inner peace.Keep yourself occupied with work,engage yourself in learning a new skill and keep those brain cells working with games like Sudoku or word puzzles.

Combat the lockdown blues with an aim to get healthier,with ample amount of time at hand it is the perfect time to start work on building a strong immune system and a fit mind and body.Health emergencies are unpredictable,therefore one should always prepare against such situations by taking uphealth insurance.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only.For more details,please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales

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