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Things to Know About 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance

Published on July 15, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

24x7 car break down assistance can be said as the emergency support provided in case of your car's breakdown due to any mechanical or electrical failure in the car. In simple words, a professional technician would come for your help in case of any complications encountered in your car during the journey.

Many car insurance providers offer 24x7 car breakdown assistance as a built-in feature of the comprehensive car insurance policy. Some other car insurance companies offer this service in the form of an exclusive add-on along with the insurance policy.

How does 24x7 car breakdown assistance work?

Your car insurance provider would collaborate or have a partnership with a network of businesses that provide car breakdown assistance services. These businesses would ideally be having a team that would contact you and arranges assistance services for you on behalf of your insurance company in case of an emergency breakdown. However, the service provider, which is sent to you for assistance depends upon factors like your location, your vehicle, and the circumstances.

In the car breakdown assistance services, the professional would try to make the necessary repairs to your vehicle and restart it again. Some other services included in the car break down assistance services are

  • Towing - If your car is involved in an accident then your breakdown assistance provider will get your car towed to the nearby garage or service centre safely.

  • Flat tires - If you are facing the problem of flat tires then your assistance provider can arrive and help in replacing your tire with the spare tire present in your car.

  • Fuel delivery service - This service would be provided if you need fuel delivery immediately. A professional would arrange fuel up to 5 litres for your car.

  • Battery jump-start service - This is an attempt to start your car by jump-starting the battery if it is advisable by the car’s manufacturer.

  • Lockout service and locksmith service - This can happen when you are unable to gain access to the car and you are helped by the professional to enter. This service is known as lockout service.

  • Travel and accommodation arrangement - During the repair of your car, if you want to take up accommodation in a hotel nearby the garage or wish to travel up to your house/office then the arrangement would be made by the assistance professional.

Types of car insurance plans for the breakdown assistance

24x7 car breakdown assistance is an add-on that is available along with the comprehensive car insurance policy on the payment of additional premium.

Comprehensive car insurance policy would help in ensuring complete protection of your car. Today, when a car is a necessity for the common man and insurance is compulsory for cars; it would be wise to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy along with the required add-ons.


So, car break down assistance can be said to be an important aspect of your car maintenance. It is of great help in case of any unprecedented accidents or breakdowns. However, you must keep in mind certain factors such as the age of your car, the number of times a particular service is available and the prices of the car breakdown assistance coverage while the purchase of this add-on.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales .

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