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Is it essential to opt for Hydrostatic Lock Cover when buying or renewing your car insurance?

Understanding Hydrostatic Lock

Driving back home on a bright sunny day or travelling across your dream destination is a blissful experience. However, Indian weather is quite unpredictable, incessant rains or snow fall may interrupt with the smooth functioning of your car. Especially during monsoons, driving across water puddles or parking car at a low lying area may cause severe risks to the engine. Due to excessive flooding, water might seep inside your car’s air valve and block the engine, resulting in Hydrostatic Lock.

Impacts of Hydrostatic Lock

Hydrostatic Lock causes vehicle breakdown and constant attempts by the driver to ignite the engine may cause significant damage to the cylinder wall, piston and the connecting rod. Nevertheless, engine repair or part replacement involves significant labour and material costs. This will leave you stranded with a huge dilemma and exorbitant repair costs, as hydrostatic lock cover is not covered under a normal motor insurance policy. Therefore, it’s always advisable to opt for an add-on engine and gearbox protection cover for total security.

How HDFC ERGO Car Insurance is the Right Choice to secure your Car

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance offers complete peace of mind, while driving your beloved vehicle. Thanks to engine and gearbox protection cover that acts as a saviour by helping in quick servicing and bearing the massive repair costs. Any vehicle up to the age of 5 years is eligible for this Engine and Gearbox add-on cover. A quick call to our toll free number is all that you need to make a spot survey. The entire repair as well as labour costs gets covered under this add-on subject to necessary excess/deductibles as pre the terms & conditions

This engine protector cover is the right way to secure your car and you can easily opt for this protection while buying or renewing your car insurance policy.

Engine and Gearbox protection add-on cover by HDFC ERGO is indeed the best option to cover the hydrostatic lock for your car during heavy floods to ensure the safety of your vehicle and a happy driving experience.

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