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When to Claim Car Insurance Policy

Buying a new car comes along with a pack of added expenses. While its maintenance and operating costs are a part that we all are aware of, sometimes in an unfortunate incident, your vehicle may be damaged. This may need you to pay a hefty amount of money out of your pocket. Buying an affordable car insurance policy will not only relieve you from heavy expenses but also save you from any legal hassles, as having a car insurance is mandatoryaccording to government laws.

Here is the detailed procedure for filinga car insurance claim in India.

  • As soon as the accident happens, call your insurance provider or the representative even if you are away from your home location or the accident was caused by someone else. This will help you with guidance on car insurance claim procedure if you need to file a claim later.

  • Follow the guidance given by your insurance representative on your carinsurance claim process along with how to proceed and the forms and documents that you will need to file your claim.

  • Your insurance provider may ask for a form called, “proof of loss” along with the documents related to your claim like medical bills repair bills etc. Providing all the documents will ensure a quicker processing of your claim.

  • Do not forget to inform the police as soon as the accident happens as a copy of FIR is required to file a claim.

  • Keep the copies of your paperwork filed all together. They may be required for reference at a later stage.

At the scene of accident, no matter who caused it, you should first try to get help for the injured people. Next you should make sure the police is called and nearest medical unit is informed if needed.

Do not move your or the third party’s vehicle before the police has reached. Take many pictures of damage of your car which will be used as proof at the time of filing your claim. Your insurance company would be sending someone to inspect and appraise the damages before you proceed for repairs.

If you are not sure if you should file a claim or not, following are the circumstances that you should check for:

Voluntary excess

We all are aware that higher the excess, lower is the premium that is needed to be paid. At times the cost of damages may be lower and less than the voluntary excess amount you have paid. In such a case, it is suggested that you do not make a claim. But if the damage is more and cost to repair is high, then claim will be a good option.

No claim bonus

All insurance companies provide a no claim bonus for every claim free year to policy holders. The bonus amount may however vary from company to company. In case of an accident, you can still choose to save your no claim bonus. If the no claim bonus amount is higher than the amount you would have to pay for repairs, it is suggested that you refrain from filing a claim and enjoy your no claim bonus.

Damage Caused

Before you proceed to get the damages repaired on your own, you should confirm the costs involved and make sure that they will be covered by your insurance provider. Once you have the figures in your hand, take a call whether claim is required or not. Obviously you should file a claim if the repair cost is huge. However, if the cost is something affordable, you can avoid making a claim. This will not only save you some discount at the renewal time but also save you from the hassles.

So, in case of an unfortunate incidence, do not panic and make a wise call. Make sure you remember and adhere to car insurance claim rules given by your insurance provider. Remember, your insurance is always there to protect you.

If you have any queries, the customer care at HDFC Ergo is always ready to assist you.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before going ahead with the sales.

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