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How To Claim Car Insurance?

Insurance is one thing we all buy hoping to never use it. But unfortunate incidents are sometimes inevitable and in such a case, car insurance becomes a life saviour. With an accident comes an onrush of anxiety and nervousness. In spite of having car insurance, you may not be able to take swift action because of lack of knowledge about how to claim car insurance after an accident.

We, at HDFC ERGO, have formulated car insurance claim process and features keeping in mind the utmost convenience of the policy holders. With 24X7 assistance, cashless claims, 6000+ garages all over India and hassle-free payment disbursal, we strive to assist the affected in the best possible manner. Here are some car insurance claim tips and the step by step car insurance claim process:

  • During intimation to HDFC when filing for the claim, you must have the following 3 documents ready for reference:

    • RC book

    • Driving license

    • Policy or cover note Copy

  • At the time of an accident, take down the number of the other car involved and try to takesufficient pictures and Video of the accident spot with the vehicle and objects involved.. This step will help you to explain the incident while claiming and also in case you want to file an FIR in the police station. An FIR is usually lodged when there is damage to third party property, injury, theft of vehicle, and other major loss/ damages. Also, just in case there is any legal proceedings against you related with the incident having a video proof helps in proving your side of the story.

  • Once you have taken these initial steps, just relax, take it easy and give a call on the HDFC ERGO Customer Care number-18002700700or simply log on to to register your claim. Post claim Intimation you will receive the Claim Number via SMS and in case of Call Center Intimation the executive on call will provide you with the reference claim number. The executive will also assist you in getting help towing the vehicle and taking it to the nearest network garage and if you have intimated online then our Claims Team will assist you to find the nearest network garage

  • From the authorised garage you can get a repair estimate which should be submitted along with the filled claim form and other necessary documents for claim processing.

  • In case the policy holder wants to take the insured vehicle to another preferred garage which is not a network garage under HDFC ERGO, then the policy holder must ensure that the parts which are replaced are genuine, procured from authorised dealers and the repair work is carried out satisfactorily. After paying the repair bills, the policy holder can file for a reimbursement on the same by submitting the cash memos/ bills to us. The amount spent on repairing the damages will be eligible for reimbursement after the company verifies and evaluates the bills and other documents.

  • At the time of claim settlement, any costs related to depreciation, non-accident related repairs and other minor deductibles are liable to be paid by the policy holder.

  • Once the car is returned to the policy holder after getting repaired at the cashless garage facility, they will be required to sign the satisfaction voucher.

  • In the event of theft of the insured vehicle, the company will hire a private investigator to track the same and for this purpose all associated documents will be collected from the police. In this case, the claim settlement process may take up to 60 days.

Throughout the  HDFC ERGO car insurance claim  process, the policy holder is required to provide complete support by means of proper documents and utmost patience. With HDFC car insurance policy, your ordeal is sure to get over swiftly in a hassle free manner.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before going ahead with the sales.

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