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A savior when you are stranded by potholes

Roads lead you to your destination but in today’s times reaching the destination is a long suffering journey particularly during and after the monsoon. The current state of roads has substantially increased instances of car damage & accidents thereby increasing the cases of car claims. This has amplified the need for customers to opt for an additional rider “Emergency Assistance Services”  to your package motor insurance which comes at a minimal cost.

HDFC ERGO's Emergency Assistance Services cover lets you enjoy a pleasurable & uninterrupted drive anywhere in India. The program assists customers to avail immediate and hassle free On Site Repairs or Towing service in the event of a motor breakdown or accident.


The program also provides assistance in the event of lost keys, battery discharged, tyre delivery, fuel delivery etc.


"On site" Minor Repairs of the Covered Vehicle: Provides on-site repair in the event of immobilization of the Insured Vehicle due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Duplicate Keys: Provides forwarding services of duplicate set from place of residence if keys of the Covered Vehicle are lost or misplaced.

Locked/ Lost Keys: Provides assistance to get keys out of the vehicle in case the keys of the covered vehicle are locked-in.

Battery Jump Start: Provides jump start services if the Covered Vehicle does not start due to the battery being discharged

Tyre change: This cover provides a tyre change service with a spare tyre carried in the Insured vehicles if the Covered Vehicle has a punctured or burst tyre.

Fuel delivery: Provides fuel delivery up to 5 liters (Petrol/Diesel) if the Covered Vehicle runs out of fuel.The cost of fuel has to be borne by the Insured.

Emptying of the Fuel Tank: Provides the cost of emptying the fuel tank if it has been filled with the wrong fuel

Towing and Removal of the Covered Vehicle: Provides towing services in the event that Covered Vehicle is immobilized due to the breakdown or accident and “On site” repair is not possible.

TERRITORIAL SCOPE: The territorial scope of the Emergency Assistance Services provided will be within 50 kms radius from the Place of Breakdown to nearest applicable vendor or cities within the Republic of India (Except in Jammu & Kashmir, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram) for the coverage limit mentioned under each service.

Services beyond 50 kms shall be provided on additional charges at agreed rates which shall be paid by the Client on the spot.

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