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Road Safety Rules to Stay Safe on India Roads

Published on 04 December, 2019. EST READ TIME: 3 MIN

The issue of road accidents in India has been prevalent over many decades. With the constant increase in the number of road accidents and casualties, it has become extremely vital to understand the reasons for this and ways to prevent them.

Number of accidents happening in India

According to the data provided by the Lok Sabha, in the year 2017, 1,47,913 people lost their lives in road accidents. That translates to a staggering 53 road accidents in a minute across the country. And out of these 53 accidents, 17 people lose their lives every minute.

According to the report, the top three states with the greatest number of deaths reported are Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. Uttar Pradesh saw 20,124 lives lost in 2017 while Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra saw 16,157 and 12,264 deaths respectively. And these numbers are merely for deaths. These accidents have been the reason for injuries to another 5 lakh individuals approximately.

How do accidents impact families?

Being involved with such incidents can have a lasting impact on the family and at times, these can be very severe as well. However, the data on hand suggests that one-third of these accidents end up being fatal. Accidents can either lead to permanent or temporary disability or in extreme cases, the death of an individual.

Should the person involved with an accident happens to be the only working member of the family, things can get worse for everyone involved. A family not only has to deal with all the expenses related to treatment but also stare at possible unemployment as well. Though having vehicle insurance might not reduce the chances of an accident, it will surely provide financial assistance at such times.

Reasons for accidents

There is a myriad of reasons that lead to accidents on Indian roads. And a number of these accidents take place due to human errors. Human errors are mostly due to non-adherence to traffic rules. Here are some of the major reasons for accidents in India:

  • Over speeding

    Statistics show that a considerable amount of road accidents are due to overspeeding vehicles. A fast-moving vehicle is more prone to accidents when compared to a slow-moving one. The simple reason being, the braking distance increases for faster-moving cars, while reducing the reaction times as well.

  • Jumping red lights

    In a bid to save a few seconds, individuals jump red lights at traffic signals. This not only puts them at risk but jeopardizes a lot of other people as well. The seemingly small step can create chaos at signals and have ripple effects.

  • Distraction or drunken driving

    Driving under the influence of alcohol or being distracted by speaking on phone, adjusting mirrors, looking at a billboard, etc. are also known to be the reasons for accidents.

How to prevent accidents

While there are a lot of parameters which can result in accidents, there are a few basic things that you as a rider or driver can do to avoid them. For starters, following traffic rules diligently can reduce the menace to a large extent.

Government initiatives to prevent accidents

The government also acknowledges this and recently introduced the Motor Vehicles Act 2019. The Act imposes hefty fines for individuals who break traffic laws. The intention is that riders and drivers will start following the traffic rules more meticulously. It also aims at drivers and riders having required documents for driving on the roads, which increases the minimum compensation for road accidents. The Act also protects individuals who help during accidents.

Following traffic rules not only means that road accidents are reduced to a large extent but also ensures that everyone reaches their destination on time or even before that.

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