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Car Insurance for protection against natural calamities

Published on June 25, 20202. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Nature’s wrath and natural calamities

Mother Nature’s fury can cause mass destruction and the deadliest disasters, the world over has experienced this and natural calamities have caused upheavals to the lives of many. India is no different, the country is prone to natural disasters and is no stranger to the wrath of Mother Nature. Earthquakes of high magnitudes, floods and cyclones have caused irreparable damage in the past, the recent example being cyclone Amphan that created havoc in the eastern region of the country. And if that isn’t enough the western coast of India may witness another cyclone soon. A natural disaster doesn’t come knocking on the door and is most likely to catch you unaware. Amidst these uncertainties it is essential that we protect what is dear to us, be it our family, house, vehicles or other assets. Many of us are highly aware about the repercussions of not having a life insurance policy for ourselves and our loved ones. Why then do we tend to ignore that our vehicles are just as much in need of protection?

Love your car dearly? Well who doesn’t, a car is a prized possession for many and is bought after much contemplation and discussion with loved ones. Imagine how distraught you would be if during a cyclone an uprooted tree were to fall on your car causing major damage? It would be a nightmare come true, the financial loss you would have to bear in such a scenario would be high and will leave you bereft of your hard earned savings. You can combat such a scenario with car insurance that provides holistic coverage and is your shield against financial losses arising from a natural disaster.

How will a comprehensive car insurance plan help?

Why the emphasis on a comprehensive car insurance policy you may ask, if you already have a third party motor insurance plan which is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Well the simple reason being a third party vehicle insurance covers you against any legal liabilities arising out of loss or damage caused to a third party or their properties. But it leaves you vulnerable owing to its limited coverage. Elaborating on the same, a natural calamity can damage your car internally or externally. The cost to repair the said damage could either be minor if you are lucky or could end up burning a hole in your pocket. Like your engine getting damaged in floods due to your car submerging in water can be detrimental to your finances as compared to damage sustained by your windshield during an earthquake. But you possess no crystal ball to predict the future, hence tackling these unpredictable catastrophes and the financial costs they inadvertently bring along is crucial. And the only way to do the same is opting for a car insurance policy that can help you stay calm and undeterred in the face of a natural disaster. A comprehensive >motor insurance policy gives you assurance that come what may, your car is in safe hands. It acts like your shield and bails you out of financial uncertainties that unforeseen disasters may cause.

What to do in case your car is an unfortunate victim of nature’s fury?

If you have made the wise decision of insuring your car with a comprehensive vehicle insurance plan, then below are the steps to abide by while filing an insurance claim in case of a damage or loss caused to your car as a result of a natural calamity.

  • Collect evidence of the damage caused in the form of pictures. Document all the evidence in a clear way so as to submit the same to the insurance company.

  • Contact your insurer on an immediate basis to file a claim with the evidence in hand.

  • Assess the damage caused and evaluate the cost you would incur by a local mechanic or a car workshop. This is only to confirm that you get a fair compensation from the insurer in question.

Hence, it would only be prudent and fitting that your loved asset gets the complete protection it deserves in the form of a comprehensive car insurance policy. But before you do so, ensure you research about the myriad insurance companies that offer a plethora of motor insurance plans. What you should look out for in a vehicle insurance plan is the coverage offered, available add –on covers that can boost your car insurance further and the fine print of exclusions too. You should look out for vehicle insurance from a renowned insurance company that has an impressive track record, good customer reviews and plans tailored to your needs. But don’t get overwhelmed with the task at hand, because if you are wondering how to go about it with the several restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then digitization comes to your rescue. Buying car insurance online is a hassle-free process that can give your car much needed security from natural disasters. So go ahead and get vehicle insurance that suits your requirements and has your back in tough times by buying car insurance online in just a click.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales. This blog has been written by

S. Gopala Krishnan | Motor Insurance Expert | 40+ years of experience in insurance industry

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