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Your insurance cover starts from the commencement date indicated on the policy schedule, this could be any selected date (not later than 15 days) after date of payment of premium.
If you have financial interest in the property as owner or leaser then you can insure the property.
Register your claim within 7 days of hospitalization and send us a duly signed claim form along with all the mentioned documents within 15 days and you are done. The approved claim will be paid within 30 days.
From the time the transfer of ownership becomes effective, the policy stands cancelled & the insured ceases to be an insured under the policy. We will then refund the premium for the balance insured period.
Surveyor contacts the customer in 48 hours time. Claim form is sent to customer correspondence address within 7 working days time.
Yes, the company will pay a maximum of 1% of the total claims amount for debris removal.
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