Health Suraksha FAQs

There is no maximum entry age limit to buy Health Suraksha. Anyone who is 91 days onwards can buy the policy. Children below 5 years however, can be covered only if both parents are covered under the policy.
Yes, it is important to declare all about your pre-existing disease at the time of policy purchase to avoid any future hassles.
Yes, as per the guidelines for Health Suraksha, all those over age 45 years have to undergo pre-policy medical check up irrespective of their health status.
Pre-existing waiting period for Health Suraksha is 4 years. That means, your pre-existing diseases declared at the time of policy purchase will be covered after 4 continuous renewals.
Yes, there is a 10% discount in case you opt for Health Suraksha Policy for 2 years tenure.
Yes, in case you opt for Health Suraksha for more than 2 family members on individual sum insured basis in a single policy, then you get an additional 10% discount on the total premium.
In case you have mentioned a pre-existing disease, the proposal form with all the details submitted is referred to our in-house Underwriting team to assess and evaluate the risk. Depending on the pre-existing disease, medical tests may be called for. This can be done from our network diagnostic list. Our Underwriting team will review the test results and decide upon the admissibility of the proposal.
No, you need not pay for pre-policy medical tests. It is cashless. Only in case your policy is rejected based on adverse medical findings, 50% of the pre-policy check up cost is deducted from the premium refund amount.
No, OPD is not covered under Health Suraksha.
Yes, younger spouse can be a proposer under Health Suraksha. However, premium calculation is based on the age of eldest family member proposed.
Depending on the age and sum insured opted, pre-policy medical checkup varies. Pre-policy medical checkup typically has Medical Examination Report by the Physician, few blood & Urine tests & ECG. TMT, 2D echo, Sonography etc can also be part of the PPC check up list depending on the Sum insured and age of the customer.
In case of Organ Transplantation, donor expenses like screening, organ retrieving & donor hospitalisation expenses are covered. Cost of Organ per se is not covered
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