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Tips to Increase the Mileage of a Bike

Published on December 19, 2019. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Riding a bike is a passion among the youngsters these days. Mostly, the younger generations prefer riding a bike for thrill and excitement. Moreover, even the middle-aged people prefer bikes because they find them convenient and time-saving. While buying a bike, its mileage plays a crucial role in making the final decision. Thus, it is vital to learn about a few tips to increase the mileage of your bike.

Why do people prefer riding a bike?

Many people prefer riding bikes as bikes save fuel and provide easy parking as compared to cars. Moreover, bikers do not have to worry much about the traffic jam and can just slow down in such jams rather than halting. For many riders, bikes are an excellent way to relieve stress. Bikes have very good performance; they have minimal adverse effects on the environment and can just make you look cool.

Role of mileage in choosing a bike

Bike mileage refers to the fuel efficiency of a bike i.e. how much distance does your bike cover using one litre of fuel. Mileage of the bike is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a bike. With the price of fuel increasing rapidly, it is quite necessary to know about the distance a bike can go in one litre of petrol. You should always keep in mind that the mileage for bikes being used in cities will be different from the bikes being used on highways. If your bike has good mileage, it will help you in decreasing your daily expenses on fuel.

How does mileage impact the driver?

Mileage of a bike has a direct impact on the expenses of a driver. If the bike of an individual has very good mileage, it means the fuel efficiency of the bike is good. It is covering longer distances, using less fuel. This reduces the fuel expenditure of the driver.

Moreover, if the mileage of a bike is good, the driver does not need to visit the gas station again and again for filling the fuel. This will make riding the bike convenient for the driver and would also save a lot of time.

Safety and insurance of the bike

With the number of road accidents increasing rapidly, it is of utmost importance to take certain precautions while riding a bike on the roads. A two-wheeler insurance policy is a mandate before you start riding your bike on the roads. This two-wheeler insurance policy will help in providing cover against any claim damages caused to the vehicle in case of any incident which can be both natural and man-made. Under the two-wheeler insurance policy, a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory, which would provide compensation for any damage caused to any person or property by your vehicle.You can further provide adequate security to your own bike by purchasing a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

In addition to the two-wheeler insurance policy, some basic tips can be followed to ensure the safety of your bike, such as wearing a good and sturdy helmet while riding your bike, proper maintenance of your bike and avoiding the use of cell phones while riding bikes.


Hence, the mileage of your bike is an important factor that affects your convenience and your pocket as well. Regular servicing of your bike, checking the pressure of the tyres regularly, using good quality fuel, avoiding to park directly under the sunlight, regular cleaning and lubricating of your bike, etc. are some of the important tips by which you can easily increase your bike’s mileage.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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