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Opt For These 5 Add On Covers for Motor Insurance along with Comprehensive Benefits

Buying a car insurance that too comprehensive is the best decision ever to protect your car from unforeseen circumstances. It not only offers the mandatory third party liability cover but also gives protection to your vehicle’sin case of any damage. Your vehicle is undoubtedly your partner in miles it goes with you wherever you take it and keeps the hassle of boarding public transport at bay, hence higher the protection better the cover for your vehicle be it a bike and car. Just like a comprehensive cover gives your vehicle a total protection, similarly motor insurance add on covers give your vehicle an enhanced protection.

Add on covers in motor insurance is the best way to give your vehicle an enhanced cover against some major contingencies. Imagine your car’s engine kit getting locked due to excessive water inflow, total loss or a breakdown. To ensure such major contingencies it’s important to buy add on covers for motor insurance. Let’s understand the Add on covers offered by HDFC ERGO and their benefits.

5 best Add On Cover Policies

Zero Depreciation –

Due to wear and tear over a period of time. At the time of partial loss, your parts have to undergo depreciation due which you might have to pay a bit extra for your vehicle’s depreciation. However, if you take a zero depreciation car insurance add on cover your vehicle will not face depreciation devalue and get full coverage for repairs.

What’s not covered?

Tyre & battery costs

Emergency Assistance

This add on car insurance cover helps you deal with any mechanical or technical breakdown. It aims at providing round the clock road assistance for a pleasurable driving experience. Further it has a bouquet of services which includes tyre replacement cover, towing of vehicle to the nearest garage, emergency fuel delivery, accommodation arrangement in case of break down, alternate travel arrangement, minor repairs on the spot etc.


“On site” Minor Repairs of the Covered Vehicle

Duplicate Keys

Assistance in case of Lost Keys/Locked

Battery Jump Start

Tyre change

Fuel delivery

Emptying of the Fuel Tank

Towing and Removal of the Covered Vehicle

T&C* Please read the details on territorial scope for emergency assistance)

Engine and Gear Box Protection Cover

Heavy rains and floods tend to damage your car’s engine, leading to hydrostatic lock. Repair and part replacement costs for engine may lead to massive expenses without any prior intimation. To secure your car against such unpredictable loss or expenses, opt for HDFC ERGO Engine and Gear box protection cover. This add-on cover is a saviour.

What’s covered?

Repairs & replacement of internal parts

Repairs & replacement of child parts

Labour costs

Engine cylinder re-boring, compression tests & other machining charges

Return to Invoice

Generally, in case of total loss or theft of vehicle you get the Insured Declared Value only. However, there’s a significant difference between the IDV and current ex-showroom value. By opting for HDFC ERGO’s Return to invoice add-on you get the above mentioned differential amount as well. This add-on reduces cost burden and allows you to happily buy a new car.

What’s not covered?

If the theft / stolen vehicle is recovered within 90 days

FIR under theft claim is not issues by Police Authorities

Cost of Consumable Items

You often end up spending a lot on your car’s consumable items which have specific uses or Used either consumed totally or are rendered unfit for further usage. Under such circumstances, HDFC ERGO offers Cost of Consumable Items to cover costs arising due to purchase or replacement of consumable items.

Consumable items include

Nut, bolt, screw, washers, grease, coolants, lubricants, engine & other oils, clips, ac gas, bearings, battery water, filters, sealants, gaskets.

Buying add on covers for motor insurance such as for car and bike is beneficial as it protects major financial losses. Please note: For Two wheeler only Zero depreciation & Emergency Assistance is applicable.

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