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Important two-wheeler riding tips for teenage drivers

Published on November 5, 2020. EST READ TIME: 4 MIN

Your daughter is starting her IIT-JEE coaching and to make commuting easier, you decide to get her a scooter. However, as you know, riding on Indian roads can be tricky, so it is imperative that you get her the right protective equipment and also inform her of the essential riding tips. These, along with two-wheeler insurance  and  compulsory personal accident insurance  will take care of any financial stress due to loss of scooter, accident, etc . You can easily get bike insurance online by visiting the insurance provider’s website and filling the form.

So, what are these essential riding tips? Start by informing her what she should not do when riding her scooty.

Things that a teenage driver must not do while riding a bike

1. Riding without a helmet: The gush of wind in the face feels good, but riding a two-wheeler without a helmet can be dangerous. While it is compulsory for two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet in India, you must not buy one for your daughter just to comply with the law. Make sure you purchase a good quality helmet that covers the skull, eyes, and face of your teenager for maximum protection in case of an accident.

2. Ignoring traffic rules: Young bikers often make the mistake of not following the traffic rules. They ride at a high speed, jump red signals, and overtake vehicles from the wrong side. All these can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious legal issues as well. What’s more, most insurance companies will not honour claims related to illegal and careless driving.

3. Riding without proper documents: Riding a bike without proper documents can land her into trouble. Hence, make sure she has a valid driving licence, RC book, PUC certificate, insurance documents, and other important papers before taking her scooty on the road. This is important to avoid legal issues.

4. Not wearing proper footwear: Wearing the right footwear is important for a better grip on the pedals. For instance, if she wears flip-flops while riding a bike, her feet may skid on the pedals and lose balance.

Lessons on how to avoid an accident:

1. Lookout for obstructions on the road:  Ask her to pay full attention to her surroundings, such as other vehicles, road conditions, gravel patches, puddles of water, tree branches, and more.

2. Abide by the speed limits: Speeding a bike can be dangerous for her as well as others on the road. She may lose control while taking sharp turns and meet with an accident.

3. Check bike mirrors often: Apart from keeping eyes on the road in front, you should advise her to check the mirrors in between to know if any vehicle is behind her.

4. Keep the bike in good shape:  Teach her to check the brakes, chain, tires, horn, lights, and other motorcycle components often and inform you about the same. If you notice any issue, contact a mechanic and get the necessary repairs done.


For your daughter, her first scooty will be her flight of freedom. While riding her bike is a fun experience, staying safe should also be ingrained in her. Obeying the traffic rules and taking necessary precautions go a long way in preventing a mishap. Also, buy basic or comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and compulsory personal accident insurance to cover bike accidents and damages and stay financially protected. You can easily visit the insurer’s website and purchase the right bike insurance online with just a few clicks.

Disclaimer:   The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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