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Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in India

Motorcycle insurance India or two wheeler insurance is a mandate if you are riding your vehicle on public road. A third party liability only policy is compulsory as it safeguards you from losses caused to other person or property by your vehicle. Although a third party liability policy is mandatory, it’s not a sufficient cover for your two wheeler. To get all round motorcycle insurance with best coverage, always look for a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Unlike third party liability, comprehensive motorcycle insurance isn’t very cheap but it’s worth your investment as it offers a wider cover. It covers own damage due to accidents, total loss, theft, burglary and natural calamities. Additionally, comprehensive bike insurance also offers third party liability cover giving you a one roof shopping experience. HDFC ERGO offers long term two wheeler insurance to secure you against yearly third party premium hikes and renewal hassles.

What’s covered?

  • Own damage cover: Loss due to theft, burglary & natural disaster.

  • Third Party Cover: Death, injury or disability caused to third party person by your vehicle or damage caused to third party property.

  • Personal accident cover for Driver, pillions can be covered with an additional premium.

What’s not covered?

  • Contractual liability claims

  • Wear and Tear of the vehicle, Damage caused by a person without valid driver license, Mechanical or electrical breakdown of the vehicle

  • Damage caused by a person under the influence or alcohol or drugs

  • Loss or damage caused by war/nuclear risks/mutiny

  • Periodic depreciation or any consequential loss

*This content is descriptive only. Actual coverage is subject to language of the policy issued.

How much does a motorcycle insurance cost?

Two wheeler insurance and its costing depend upon several factors such as the age of the vehicle, place of registration, cc capacity and IDV (Insured declared value) of bike. Based upon the mathematical calculations and logic considering all above factors insurance companies zero down a premium which is aptly calculated. So, the answer to the question how much would motorcycle insurance cost? Can never be constant for all vehicles. There are many factors that decide the insurance premium and these factors could be variable.

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