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Important Considerations While Buying Second Hand Two-Wheeler

Published on July 15, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Are you tired of travelling in overcrowded metros and waiting for buses that are always running late? A sturdy two-wheeler will solve your traffic woes as you zip in and out of traffic unhindered by the slow-moving traffic. A second-hand two-wheeler is perfect if you are just starting out or do not want to spend a lot of money. A well-maintained vehicle which is easy on the pocket is the way to go.

We have compiled a list of things you should consider when buying a second-hand two-wheeler for a fuss-free experience.

Why do people buy second-hand two-wheeler?

Buying a second-hand vehicle is easy on your pocket as it lets you purchase the two-wheeler of your choice for an amount much lower than the showroom price. This helps you save your money and use these funds for other requirements.

Another way buying a second-hand two wheeler helps you is that you can find a better model that fits within your budget rather than paying full price for a brand new vehicle for a lower model. Moreover, used vehicles will depreciate at a very slower rate than that of a new vehicle and so, if you are buying a used vehicle, you will purchase it at a price that has already gone under major depreciation. So, you tend to lose less money in this way. Also, vehicle insurance for second-hand two-wheelers is cheaper than that of a new vehicle.All you have to do is make sure you research the products well and thoroughly check any second-hand two-wheeler you decide to buy.

The process involved in buying a second-hand two-wheeler

The process involved in the purchase of a second hand two wheelers involves quite a lot of paperwork.

When you are purchasing a second-hand two-wheeler,the RC book which is the proof of the vehicle’s registration must be obtained by you.You must receive the insurance certificate of the vehicle from the seller. The PUC (Pollution under Control) certificate which is a proof about your vehicle clearing the tests about pollution emission levels is also an important document.  In addition to these documents,Form 28, Form 29 and Form 30, along with the sale transaction receipt are some essential documents which the seller musthave.

Process of Insurance transfer

You can apply for the transfer of vehicle’s insurance with the insurance provider within 15 days from the date of transfer of bike ownership. The major documents which would be necessary for insurance transfer are

  • FRegistration certificate

  • Original insurance policy

  • Vehicle details

  • Dealer’s details and premium paid

  • Address proof &identity proof

During the process of insurance transfer, you should submit the  third party insurance documents as it will be necessary for premium calculation.

Importance of insurance and legal requirements on insurance

You should ensure that you are purchasing a second-hand vehicle witha valid two-wheeler insurance. The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 mandates that every two-wheeler plying on Indian roads must be insured. As per a directive from the Supreme Court of India, IRDAI has made it mandatory for all two-wheeler vehicles in India to own a third-party insurance policy to cover the risk your vehicle poses to a third person. If the vehicle you purchase already has an active two-wheeler insurance policy, you must get it transferred to your name. 

If the two-wheeler insurance policy has not been transferred to your name, there is no valid contract between you as the new owner and the insurance provider. In such a scenario, any claims filed by you with the insurance provider will not be admissible. Moreover, the seller of the two-wheeler should also ensure that the insurance is transferred to the buyer's name for avoiding any legal complications in the future.


Hence, a paperwork check is an important consideration while purchasing a second-hand two-wheeler. It is the responsibility of both the seller and the buyer to ensure that the necessary paperwork has been completed to avoid any legal hassles. Moreover, along with a paperwork check, you should also perform a mechanical check about the functioning of the essential parts of the vehiclebefore you purchase it.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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