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How to Protect your Two Wheeler from Theft?

Published on July 15, 2020 . EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

As bike owners, we are proud of our vehicles and are always on the lookout for ways to not only ensure proper bike maintenance but also protect it from damage or theft. Bike safety is of prime concern for riders and a popular way of safeguarding this asset is by taking a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy.

A bike theft can happen to anyone and anywhere but by taking the necessary precautions and also, taking bike insurance the negative consequences of such an act can be abetted.

Steps for the safety of bikes

  • Steering Lock
    Adding a steering lock to your bike can be your first step towards its safety. Although it is not very difficult to unlock a steering lock, however, it will make it difficult for the thief to steal the bike easily. As the thief would now need to unlock two locks if your bike’s ignition and steering locks are different.

  • Multiple locks on your bike
    You must make it a point to use more than one lock in your bike in addition to the built-in lock. Usually, the thieves know to break the built-in locks of bikes easily but might find unlocking external locks challenging.

  • Anchoring
    Even if you have used multiple locks in your bike, it can be easily towed away by a truck. So, you must add a cable to your bike and anchor the bike to something heavy. This prevents the easy towing of bikes.

  • Good quality locks and chains
    Always opt for purchasing the best quality of locks and chains for your bike to maintain its safety. Locks that are made up of hardened steel and are of the size of 5/8 inches or more can be considered as good quality locks. Also, your bike's locks must have an alarm system that can ring and warn you in case of attempted theft.

  • Parking in a good location
    If you are parking your bike outside, it is most preferable for you to park it in a very well-lit and crowded area. This reduces the probability of your bike getting stolen.

  • Anti-theft security system.
    This is quite necessary for the safety of your bike. You must install good quality, branded anti-theft security system in your bike. These are controlled by remote and can detect any kind of vibrations in your bike by turning on or off of your bike’s ignition. The alarm can alert you and those near the bike preventing a theft.

How can insurance help?

You might take a huge number of precautions for your bike's safety but still, then there's always a risk factor. Despite people taking so many precautions, thefts of bikes occur. What if your bike is stolen? Who will be bearing the losses incurred?

If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you do not need to worry about the losses incurred due to bike theft. A comprehensive bike insurance policy would provide you with claims compensation for your bike theft based on the IDV of your bike.


So, even if there are advanced quality security systems available for two-wheelers; thefts of two-wheelers are also on a rise. Being alert and vigilant, following precautions, and purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy can be helpful in safeguarding our vehicles from theft.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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