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How to buy a two wheeler insurance online?

Published on June 16, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Two wheelers serve as great means of transportation. Two wheeler enthusiasts are very possessive about their vehicles. They keep their vehicles properly maintained through routine check-ups so that the probability of unnecessary and untimely hiccups can be minimized. In order to further safeguard their prized possessions, they get their vehicles insured which also is made mandatory by the authorities. This 2 wheeler insurance provides protection against the loss of or damage to the insured vehicle, liability to third party and personal accident cover for driver (owner).

However, there are many for whom buying a 2 wheeler insurance is a tedious task. With HDFCERGO, you can buy online insurance for your 2 wheeler in a matter of a few clicks. Buying insurance with us is now a convenient process. Online insurance for two wheelers only needs following few simple steps –:

Step 1: One needs to visit and click on the option of two-wheeler insurance and then on buy online option. The relevant web page will be loaded for buying the 2 wheeler insurance policy online.

Step 2 The second step is to calculate the premium for your 2 wheeler insurance policy.

  • Fill in few and basic details such as the registration city, age of vehicle and the cubic capacity of the 2 wheeler. The age of new vehicle for which the insurance is required should be between 0-2 years.

Depending on the information provided, the insurance premium calculator arrives at the amount that would be required by you to pay as premium. If you are comfortable with the premium amount then click on the proceed button at the end to go to the next step.

Step 3: the next step is the ‘fill details’ step. In this step one has to fill up the

  • Personal details (the name of the owner, date of birth, gender)

  • Policy details (start date and end date of the policy)

  • Contact details (email id, contact numbers)

  • Vehicle details (registration date and number, engine and chassis number, manufacturer name, vehicle model, showroom price, name of the financial institution and sum insured). Other required details are that vehicle in under which of the following - hypothecation/ lease/ hire purchase/ self-owned.

  • Vehicle registration address and correspondence address. (if both are different)

Step 4: Read the terms and conditions and if you accept it then click the ‘I accept’ check box. Unless you click this check box, you cannot proceed further with the payment.

  • For making the payment, you need to select the mode of payment and then follow the steps as directed by the website.

Just following a few simple steps and proper online instructions to buy the policy helps you get online insurance for two-wheeler in practically no time. This process isn’t lengthy and hectic, but very convenient and reliable.

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