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Why you should opt for a medical travel insurance policy while going on your honeymoon ?

Planning your long-awaited honeymoon? The last thing you want to be doing during these precious few days is worrying about not having prepared for a medical emergency. Whilst one can never be wholly prepared to face an emergency, you can cover your tracks by securing a good travel insurance with medical benefits.


Why Travel Insurance?


No one looks forward to having their holiday disrupted by unpleasant experiences such as flights getting cancelled or having to cut the holiday short and rush home to attend to emergency situations. On the other hand, it would be bordering on foolishness to not be prepared to deal with such situations beforehand. Precaution is exactly what travel insurance is all about. It’s preparing for the worst and having the insurance cover the cost for it.


Medical Cover of Travel Insurance


It is of paramount importance to be equipped with the right kind of travel medical insurance. This allows the hospitals to deliver their best quality of care without worrying about expenses or move the patient to a medical facility back home.


Let us take a small example to better understand the benefits of having a travel insurance that’s got your back. Say your dream honeymoon destination is the beautiful Schengen area in Europe. Your minds are set way before the wedding and warm clothes purchased already. You now need to obtain the visa to travel there. Your next step mandatorily is obtaining a travel medical insurance for Schengen visa. This is a part of their law which allows them to attend to you in case of medical emergencies without their hands being tied for financial reasons. In other words, the best hospitals there can save your life should it ever come to that.


With overseas travel medical insurance, you are going to be saving A LOT of money. If you don’t believe us, trust the numbers. Your treatment in US for emergency conditions can cost up to $300,000. Don’t worry though. Check out HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance plans and get yourselves protected right away.


Your general and life insurance plans are not going to cover your international medical expenses. Travelling internationally requires many loose ends to be tied; perhaps the most important of them following getting tickets is securing a perfect international travel insurance, medical included so that you can fairly say 70% of your worries are taken care of.


Your Dream Honeymoon Can Now Be Perfect


With proper travel medical insurance that you can easily secure online, your adventures are literally clicks away. Gone are the days of office-hopping to get things together. Your travel insurance can easily be purchased online in a matter of minutes. It is incredibly easy. Just check out HDFC ERGO’s insurance plans and get started.


Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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