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Medical Travel Insurance Explained

By definition, a travel medical insurance is a type of insurance that is envisioned to cover emergency medical or healthcare expenses incurred while you are vacationing abroad. Consider for an example you come up with food poisoning during your vacation, having a medical travel insurance will cover your expenses of ambulance to take you to the nearby hospital, emergency room charges, hospital boarding charges and other medical expenses. Remember, an illness abroad can lead to catastrophic medical expenses and financial burden if you do not have a medical travel insurance at hand to ease you from the discomfort. It should however be remembered that even if you already have a domestic travel insurance policy, you might need a separate international travel medical insurance if you are planning a vacation abroad.

Benefits of travel medical insurance

  • Coverage of medical evacuation

This is one of the major benefits of this insurance. In case you fall sick or are seriously injured in a remote location and are taken to a nearby hospital that lacks services and facilities for the treatment you need, you will have to be taken to a hospital that is better suited to your condition. Having a medical travel insurance will cover the cost of your transportation to the other hospital.

  • Coverage in case of death

In an unlikely situation of death during your vacation, the insurance will cover the cost of transporting your body to your home country. Depending on your insurance plan, it may cover the cost of cremation and funeral in a nearby location only. So, it is suggested you do a thorough research.

  • Medical emergency transportation

Most insurances include emergency reunion benefit that will cover the cost of transporting one of your family members from your home town to your side in case you get in a medical emergency. In case you are hospitalised for a longer duration, your policy may also include a provision to send your kids or pets safely back to your home town.

 Here are the most popular plans:

  • Individual travel insurance

The policy is designed to secure you from any personal medical expenses that may arise during your vacation. The benefits are extended to costs like lost baggage claim, flight delay or cancellations etc.

  • Family travel insurance plan

These tailored made plans are designed to protect you as well as your family from any unexpected medical emergency that may arise during your vacation.

  • Student travel insurance

Especially designed for students going for long term studies at an international destination, this insurance ensures that you study without worrying about your safety or medical emergencies. It covers your emergency medical treatments, dental treatments, and a compensation in case of permanent disability or death.

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