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Traveling Abroad? 5 Tips to Make it Hassle-Free

Travelling is by far the best way to rejuvenate and relax. Be it a trip to the Iceland to witness the northern lights or a road trip to Thailand, nothing can make you feel better than exploring destinations and meeting new people. However, travelling abroad may not always be fulfilled as it sounds. You could possibly end up losing your passport or luggage. Sounds like a nightmare? Well, the only way to remain enough secured is to buy a travel insurance plan. It not only assists you in case you lose your passport but also helps you meet expenses while your luggage arrives late or gets lost in transit. Let’s look at some tips that can give you good memories while travelling.

Always keep your basic necessities in cabin luggage

In case your main bag gets delayed and doesn’t arrive in time you have your basic essentials handy. Anything important like your hotel booking receipt, important addresses or medicine should be handy always. If you get a travel insurance plan, it is most likely to pay you for the expenses that you incur for purchasing important stuff till your bag arrives.

Your passport is important

Wherever you go always keep frequent checks at your passport, it’s the most valuable and important document while you are travelling abroad. In a foreign land only a travel insurance plan is your companion who helps you getting a new passport, so always travel with a valid travel insurance.

Know the destination country or city

Whichever country you choose to travel always know how to reach a particular place or how much time does it take to walk till your destination. This will avoid misleading and you will always be better informed about the lanes and landmarks.

Check your health coverage

You either need to have global health coverage or a travel insurance that covers overseas medical treatment. While you are staying in an overseas destination, even a flu or cough may take a toll over your savings so do check your health coverage and make sure you have a good sum insured. If at all a sudden illness grips you and you wish to undergo medical treatment, travel insurance bears expenses up to the specified sum insured.

Say yes to traveller cheque

Traveller’s cheque is the safest mode of transaction as compared to cash and cards. So try keeping more of traveller ’s cheques and less cash handy while travelling. HDFC ERGO Travel insurance offers emergency cash assistance to help you when you lose your cash in a foreign location.

Though the above tips help in giving you a fair idea of what kind of trouble you may face while travelling and how to cope up or take precautionary measures, but the right way to tackle all your travel worries proactively is to buy a travel insurance plan before departure. While we spoke a lot about the possible reason why your trip may get ruined, let’s understand how the trip savior HDFC ERGO Travel insurance rescues you during critical times.

HDFC ERGO’s Travel Insurance covers you against

  • Medical expenses due to illness or an accident
  • Loss of baggage or delay in baggage arrival
  • Flight delays
  • Loss of passport
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Death and Disability

We also offer per day pricing benefit so that you pay only for the particular days you choose to travel for and not for an entire slot. With a wide network of over 8 lacs+ hospitals you can get cashless treatment effortlessly.

What’s not covered?

Any disease occurring due to consumption of toxicants is not covered

Injury due to participation in adventure sports

Trip cancellation or flight cancellation remains uncovered.

In a nutshell, travel insurance policy is important when you have to travel anywhere out of India.

Disclaimer : The above information is for illustrative purpose only .For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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