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Things to know to avoid travel insurance claim rejection

Having a travel insurance policy means carrying your shield, you are always protected no matter what goes wrong. Be it a loss of luggage or delay in flight arrival, anything that hinders with your travel plan gets covered. You don’t really buy travel insurance with an intention to make a claim but with the perspective of using it as a financial assurer when the need arises.  Hence, it’s important to know how a claim is made and what the possible reasons that leads to claim rejection.

Insufficient Documentation

Insurance claims truly functions on the fact that you have relevant documents at place. The insurer isn’t present at the event site neither at the hospital. The only thing that acts as evidence is the documents. Be it your tickets, boarding pass or meal invoice keep everything intact till the time you arrive at your destination and have all the baggage collected. In case of a baggage loss or delay in arrival you will have to produce documents for filing a claim with your insurer.

Be on time

Do not delay, if there’s any incident that you wish to report and get your claim settled do not hesitate in informing your insurer. If you do not register your claim for a prolonged period you may lose the benefits and the insurer may not honor your claims.

Know your policy limit

Always know how much sum insured you are eligible for? If you are registering a claim under loss of baggage do not expect to get a sum insured for medical expenses. In travel insurance every coverage or section has a specified limit. You can choose to buy a higher sum insured plan to ensure you aren’t underinsured.

Pre existing disease

Most of the travel insurance companies do not cover pre existing diseases, always check the fact. In case you are hospitalized due to the adverse action of any pre existing disease then insurer may not cover the medical expenses.

Illegal Activities

In case you face an injury due to drink and drive and need medical attention, then your expenses might not get covered. Driving under influence of alcohol is a part of exclusion and illegal too so you may not be able to get an approved claim by your insurer.

Adventure Activities

Most of the travel insurance plans come without coverage for adventure activity. While performing any adventure activity if god forbids anything goes wrong then your policy will not cover you. So, do not register any claim for injury due to participation in adventure activity rather take precautions to ensure you come out thrilled and safe.

Take away: Travel insurance is meant for protecting you against unforeseen circumstances, anything that is risk worthy may not be covered under insurance. Hence, know the above points as these could a possible reason why your travel insurance claim is not approved.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only .For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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