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The Undeniable Importance of Travel Insurance

If you are travelling abroad, the most prudent thing you need to do once you have made your travel plans is to get yourself and your family covered under travel insurance. This is a comprehensive policy that covers all medical and financial emergencies that could crop up when you are least prepared for them.
Be it the loss of passport or baggage, sudden illness or accident requiring hospitalization, theft, natural calamity or the likes, you are buffered by travel insurance. What if you have to miss your flight due to an unforeseen accident? Your extended stay will be covered by Travel Insurance. Take an instance of the flight taking off leaving your baggage behind. What do you do after landing with just a pair of clothes on? Replace them with the compensation offered by travel insurance.

The above-cited situations highlight the undeniable importance of travel insurance and how, travel insurance can be your savior during tough times. This is especially true when you are in foreign territory and are caught in a Catch-22 situation.
Let’s look at how insuring your travel can be advantageous for you.

The Multiple Benefits Of Travel Insurance

  • Medical Care & EvacuationYou are taken care of entirely in case you fall sick or suffer an injury. Right from the medicines to diagnostic tests and medical supplies, all medical costs are covered by medical insurance. In case you need to be evacuated to a place with better medical facilities, your insurance will take care of that too.

  • Personal Accident: If you are a victim of an unfortunate mishap, resulting in death or permanent disability, a part will be offered as compensation.

  • Baggage Loss: : Airlines misplacing passenger baggage is a very common occurrence. Covering the expense of replacing your lost baggage and personal effects is a part of travel insurance.

  • Repatriation of Remains: In the unfortunate event of the death of the insured, a travel insurance policy covers expenses for repatriation of the remains.

Now, with the detailed benefits of travel insurance listed out, your next question would be where and how to buy travel insurance.

Well, it is similar to buying a life insurance policy. You can go to an agent or look for online options which are in plenty and offer competitive rates with comprehensive benefits. There is a wide choice of travel insurance policies like HDFC Ergo that offer you a bouquet of benefits in a neat package.
In fact, Online buying of Travel Insurance is the emerging trend.

Why Buy Travel Insurance Online?

  • Instant Booking: When time is a constraint, buying online is the best and quickest option.

  • Comparison of premiums: When time is a constraint, buying online is the best and quickest option.

  • Hassle Free Registration: Buying travel insurance online is a very easy and fast procedure. With services offered round the clock, you’ll effortlessly find a policy that suits you.

  • Flexible Payment Options: Internet buying offers a plethora of payment options that are customer friendly. You can use your credit card or debit card or make the payment through net banking. You can also avail the EMI option to pay for the policy.

With your family holiday well-planned and covered by travel insurance, you are sure to have an enjoyable and risk-free vacation.

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