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Particulars covered under Travel Insurance

Travel insurance should be essential as part of the preparation for overseas travel. No matter if you undertake the journey for business or sightseeing. You must get insured even if you plan to travel for as little as 1 day. Travel insurance protects you from the unexpected expenses such as medical care, hospitalization or emergency evacuation and Travel inconvenience such as delay of flight, loos of baggage, stolen documents during the journey to provide peace of mind and a feeling of security.

Travel Insurance Policies cover the following:

  • In case of medical emergency such as illness or an accident the expenses incurred towards the treatment is covered under the policies which also include evacuation to the home country if necessary.
  • Cumulative bonus- It is a kind of bonus that is awarded to the insured in lieu of each claim free year.
  • Expenses towards cost of hospital stay are covered, if the situation demands hospitalization of the insured person.
  • Coverage- The overall scope of the policy such as costs of pre-hospitalization, stay in hospital as well as post-hospitalization expenses is termed as coverage.
  • In the event of permanent disability or accidental death, the loss is compensated to the kin of the insured. This includes loss of limbs, eyesight or any other physical disfigurement.
  • In the case of delay of a scheduled flight, the insured is compensated in order to pay for the expenses that he/she would have to incur as a result. However the compensation for flight delay is paid only if the flight is delayed by more than 12 hours than the original flight schedule.
  • If the insured losses his checked luggage or there is a delay in receiving the checked luggage then the insurance company provides compensation to deal with the situation wherein you have to make do without your personal belongings.
  • Loss of important documents such as passport which may cause significant distress is compensated both financially and procedurally. Procedural assistance is part of the coverage. All loses has to be reported on time and with proper evidences that prove the loss or theft to make good on the claims.
  • Insurance cover is provided to the insured in cases of high jacking of his/her mode of travel, ship or airplane, in the form of highjack distress allowance.

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