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How to buy travel insurance online

Travel insurance should be bought before embarking on a journey as it protects the insured against uncertain events during the trip. Now getting travel insurance has easy and simple, you can purchase it from the comfort of your home. No wonder, more and more people are opting for buying Travel Insurance online.

Here are the steps that you need to follow while buying online travel insurance

Step 1: Visit the website, navigate your way to travel insurance and select the option of ‘buy online’. You will be promptly redirected to a secure page.

Step 2: Premium calculation:- For Calculating the Premium you will be require to provide details such as:

  • Whether the insured is in India or abroad while filling the application form (while buying the insurance policy)
  • Nationality (i.e. Indian or foreign nationality)
  • The type of overseas policy (i.e. single trip or multi trip).

If you want to be insured for a single trip then select single trip or if you want to be insured against multiple trips with in the time span of 1 year then select multi trip. To get insurance for the entire family you must select family floater option.

  • The type of plan - If you opt for single trip then depending on the trip you have to choose among Asia (excl. Japan), worldwide (excl. USA, Canada) or worldwide (incl. USA, Canada).

The multi-trip travel insurance, worldwide coverage is applicable.

Under family floater plan, it is mandatory to give details about all the family members whom you wish to include in the policy.

  • The date of birth of the insured.
  • The date when the journey will begin.
  • The number of days for which you wish to travel.
  • Return date of the journey.

Based on the information provided, the travel insurance premium calculator will calculate the premium amount.

Step 3: In this step you are required to provide the following details- 
  • Contact information
  • Address
  • Email
  • Other details such as pre-existing conditions like if one is already suffering from any ailment or not.

Step 4: Payment - After accepting the terms and conditions of the policy one has to select the mode of payment. This will lead to the secure payment gateway, wherein you make the necessary payment in lieu of the policy that you have selected

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